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Cement truck stolen, found in neighboring county
Bryan County
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Sept. 24 – A concrete company reported a cement truck stolen. The complainant said he arrived at work at 4:50 a.m. and found the back door to the office pried open, "and the offender had helped theirself to a hot pocket meal from the refrigerator," the report said. The complainant was then informed, from an employee, that there was a concrete truck out running in the lot. The complainant found a white male sleeping in the cab, and when he woke him up, the man pushed him and drove off. The complainant said the keys to the truck had been left in the ashtray.

The report was sent out to surrounding counties, and around 7:30 a.m., Bulloch County had a report of the truck. A Georgia State Trooper already had the man in cuffs when local deputies arrived; the original complainant positively identified the man and he was taken to Bryan County Jail.

Simple battery

Sept. 28 – A woman called in to report she was being assaulted. When police arrived at the Pembroke residence, the complainant said she was shoved into her bedroom wall, dragged across her bedroom floor, and was grabbed by the neck and held against the wall by the alleged offender. The woman had no reported injuries, other than some red marks on her right arm.

The alleged offender said they had argued, but he had "not laid a hand on her," the report said. The man said the complainant was currently living with him, and was "bipolar and could be violent," so he had asked her to leave. She said she was in the process of doing so, but had a number of belongings still in the home. The deputy told her to get a police escort from now on to pick up belongings, and was given a case card.

"The complainant then snatched the card from my hand, I advised the complainant not to be snatching things from me…she then proceeded to sit in her vehicle and stare in my direction (appearing to be sizing me up)," the deputy reported before leaving.


Sept. 28 – A man said two unknown Hispanic men, donning masks, came into his home and assaulted him. One of the men had a pistol and demanded money. The complainant handed over $400 and was then bound up and struck on the head with the butt of the gun. The men then allegedly took the man’s wallet, containing $7,000. The report noted there was a substantial injury to the man’s head. Before the alleged offenders left, they also took an additional wallet from a roommate, containing $240. They turned off all the lights and disconnected the phone line; the complainant partially freed himself and called 9-1-1 from a neighbor’s home. EMS came to the scene and brought the man to the ER.

Animal complaint

Sept. 28 – A woman made complaints about her neighbor’s two dogs. The woman said while walking her own dogs, two boxers attacked her golden retriever. She said the boxers were aggressive, but she managed to get her dogs away after a short struggle. Animal control was notified and the report was filed.

Verbal dispute

Sept. 25 – A man filed a report after his wife allegedly injured him with a wine glass. The man said he and his wife were involved in a verbal dispute, and she threw a wine glass at him, hitting his left arm and cutting him above the wrist. EMS said there was no need for stitches.

The woman said that, as she passed her husband in the living room, she bent down to give him a kiss on the cheek. She said her husband turned away and made several rude comments about how he didn’t want any seconds. The comments ticked off his wife, so she threw the wine glass at him. The man was advised to leave for the night, which he did.

Drug possessions

Oct. 1 – An Ellabell resident was allegedly found driving without a license, with stolen tags, no insurance, reckless driving, fleeing and eluding, a DUI and a citation for failure to sign his citations. When the car was pulled over, the man reportedly still had a marijuana cigarette in his hand. He was arrested and while nothing further was found in the vehicle, he admitted he had been "smoking weed," the report said.


Oct. 2 – A Pembroke resident was charged with simple battery, driving on a suspended license, operating an unregistered vehicle, failure to register a vehicle, affixing to conceal or misrepresent identity of vehicle and unlawful use of a license.

The man showed up on Collins Street to find out why his girlfriend had broken up with him the night before. The complainant, a witness, said the man came over to her home and started knocking on her front door "to the point it was scaring her children," the report said. When she cracked her door to find out what he wanted, the man allegedly forced his way into the complainant’s home and began yelling at her, accusing her of being the reason why he and his girlfriend had broken up. The woman said he then spit on her and punched the left side of her face.

The ex-girlfriend said she had been in the shower when he arrived at the residence, and when she heard the commotion, she ran out the door to talk to him.

The man was also charged with possession of a controlled substance after a bag of leafy green substance and a cigarette of the same substance were found in his Ford Mustang, along with four glass tubes used for smoking and two small green bags that were found with a white residue on them.

House fire

Oct. 3 – An empty home on Cypress Bay Loop Road in Pembroke caught fire and was "fully engulfed" when police arrived. Residents in the area said it appeared no one was living in the house; the fire department arrived and the incident was turned over to them.

Terroristic threats

Oct. 2 – A woman said over a period of several days, she had received repeated phone calls on her cell phone, but when answering the calls, got hang-ups. On that date, however, the caller referred to the woman with a variety of derogatory terms and said "we’ll get you for stealing contracts," the report said. The woman said when she had left her previous company to start her own business, several clients went with her, and she thinks the phone calls are in reference to that. Her cell phone company said they could release the number to the police, and she asked the Sheriff’s Department to get a name and number for her so she can get a warrant.



Taken from reports on file at BCSO.

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