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Bryan County Sheriff's Department reports
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The following information was taken from initial incident reports on file at the Bryan County Sheriff's Department.  



Jan. 11 – An officer was dispatched to a Jerico Way residence in reference to a harassment call. The officer spoke with the complainant, who stated his next door neighbor was in his back yard when he returned home. When the officer questioned his neighbor as to why he was there, the neighbor said he was "looking at the wood pile" and it "looks like it got wet." The complainant had told the neighbor to leave his property and went in to get a flashlight. In checking out the area of the back of the garage he saw that there were rotten shrimp and what appeared to be feces inside his air conditioner unit. The complainant stated there was never a problem until recently the neighbor had come on his property intoxicated and was asked to leave. The neighbor apparently didn’t want to leave and became belligerent to the point that the complainant had to call the police for assistance.

Jan. 12 – A resident on Zachary Trail stated that a subject down the street from her keeps harassing her since she had words with him about cutting through her yard with his vehicle. Since then when he sees her in her yard or walking he calls her names and gives her the middle finger. She stated she is tired of this and wants it to stop. The officer spoke with the subject and he said that it wasn’t her he was calling the ugly name to but his wife and she thought he was talking to her. The officer told both parties to stay away from each other. The complainant was advised of the warrant process if the harassment did not stop.

Stolen property

Jan. 15 – An officer was sent to the area of Cypress Bay Loop in reference to a stolen property report and shots fired. When the officer arrived he spoke to a subject who the officer was told had a gun and had shot at a residence. The officer searched the subject’s vehicle but could not find a weapon. The subject told the officer that he had words with the complainant and the complainant had taken a phone out of his vehicle and the complainant was a "crack head" and sold drugs. The officer then spoke with the complainant who denied taking the phone. The complainant stated the subject had threatened to kill him. While speaking with the complainant, his mother walked up and stated that while he had a "crack" problem, he did not steal. The officer advised both parties to stay away from each other.

Theft of property

Jan. 11 – An officer went to a Hwy. 204 residence in reference to stolen property. The officer spoke with the complainant who stated that two male subjects went on her property and stole several car parts. The complainant stated the subject asked if they could have some wood and she told them they could. Later she found about $500.00 worth of car parts missing. Some of the items reported were trailer axels, jeep cylinder head, spindles, upper frames and lower frames. The complainant wanted a report made so she could obtain a warrant.


Jan. 12 – An officer responded to a vehicle rollover on Saxon Copious Bluff Road in which the offender was driver. When the officer arrived the vehicle was laying on its top in the middle of the road, with the offender out of the vehicle. In approaching the offender the officer noticed the strong odor of alcohol coming from the offender and his eyes were bloodshot. The offender was also unsteady on his feet, but he agreed to a field sobriety test. The officer advised the offender he was under arrest for driving under the influence of alcohol. The offender was taken to Bryan County jail and EMS was called to check out the minor cuts on his head.

Suspended License/Speeding

Jan. 13 – An officer was traveling south on Hwy. 17 and noticed a vehicle traveling north at a high rate of speed. The officer turned around and activated the blue lights, stopping the vehicle. The driver provided the officer with an ID but stated it wasn’t her car and she didn’t know where the insurance card was. The officer asked why she only had an ID card and she stated she didn’t have a driver’s license. Upon further checking the officer found out that her license had been suspended since 1984. The subject was placed under arrest for speeding (82/55 mph zone) and suspended license. Upon further check of the vehicle it was discovered that the license plate had expired and the 2007 decal on the license plate did not belong to that tag. It actually belonged to a license plate that was reported stolen from Chatham County. When the officer searched the vehicle he found two license plates in the trunk; one of them belonged to the vehicle but had expired. The officer stated he did not issue any

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