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Bikers like to speed on Belfast Siding Road
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Reckless driving

Oct. 27 – During patrol on Bellfast Siding, a deputy saw two motorcycles speeding by. He attempted a traffic stop, and notified Richmond Hill Communications of the traffic violation and of the fact that the drivers were not stopping. He began following them as they attempted to leave the area, "running cars off of the roadway and darting in and out of traffic in an attempt to lose me," the report said. They were finally caught up to at the T/A truck stop, after reaching speeds of 110 m.p.h., the report said.

Both drivers were handcuffed and the men were placed under arrest for reckless driving and fleeing and eluding a law enforcement officer. The men said they were in the military and live at Hunter Army Field. They said they went to Bryan County to "open their motorcycles up on Bellfast Siding. They advised that since there’s not much traffic, it’s a good place to really speed on," the report said. Both were released on citation and advised to take care when operating a motorcycle in the county.


Traffic stop, DUI

Oct. 31 – While traveling down Hwy. 17, a Honda Accord continuously crossed the fog line and was pulled over. The driver had a strong odor of alcohol and said he had consumed three beers earlier that night. When asked to exit his vehicle and take the field sobriety test, he said, "I know, I’m drunk." He failed all the tests and blew a .107 BAC. He was placed under arrest and read the implied consent notice for suspects under the age of 21. He was taken to the RHPD where he blew a .133 BAC and was taken to jail.



Oct. 29 – A Clarktown Road resident reported a burglary at her home. She said her and her husband had gone away for the weekend and returned home to find that their four-wheeler had been removed from the garage and wrecked by one of their employees, the report said. The woman said the employee had already admitted to it, saying he had used a credit card to enter the home and then taken out the four-wheeler. He allegedly told her he had been riding it when it rolled over and the rear wheel broke, also causing injury to himself, which required hospital treatment. The woman said she wanted to press charges against the man so that she would not be liable for his hospital fees. She was given a case number.



Oct. 27 – A vehicle was reportedly clocked doing 84 m.p.h. in a 55 zone, and was pulled over for speeding. The deputy said he could immediately detect the odor of alcohol and saw the driver had glossy red eyes. The woman said her license had been surrendered and that she was just trying to get home. She admitted to have had alcohol to drink blew a .180 BAC. She was placed under arrest and taken to the RHPD where she blew a .176 BAC. She was taken to jail and charged with DUI, driving while suspended and failure to maintain lane.


Stolen golf cart

Oct. 27 – A Richmond Hill resident reported his 1998 EZ Golf Cart, parked outside his garage, stolen sometime in the middle of the night. The man said he didn’t have the VIN number but would try to get them. A copy of the report was forwarded to a detective.

Several hours later, the man said he recovered some stolen property, which apparently was taken by his 16-year-old son. Hiding on the back of their property line, several sets of keys, two Apple I-pods, a camera, a Nintendo game boy, a prescription bottle of Concerta from a neighbor’s home and a garage door opener were found. The boy admitted to sneaking out in the middle of the night with a friend who took the golf cart, but denied knowing what the friend did with the golf cart afterwards, the report said. The complainant said he recovered the golf cart two houses down, at the back of a vacant home. Voluntary statements were taken by the man and his son, and passed over to a detective.


Open container, more

Oct. 27 – In the vicinity of Hwy. 144 and Oxford Drive, a deputy said he heard a vehicle "lay drag" and begin traveling west on Hwy. 144. The driver said he had pulled out of Strathy Hall Road in a proper manner and it was another vehicle that he pulled out around him in a reckless manner. The man opened his driver’s side door because his window was broken, and the deputy could smell alcohol, the report said. When asked if he had been drinking he said no, and the deputy asked for permission to look, which he granted. During the checking of the front seat area, the deputy said he saw a t-shirt which appeared to be hiding something. Believing it to be alcohol, the deputy unwrapped it to find a large glass water pipe commonly used to smoke marijuana. When asked, the man reportedly said it was his and that he had smoked roughly two hours prior to the stop. The deputy also reportedly found a small bag with a glass pipe which contained ash, and one freshly emptied beer can, the report said. The man said he didn’t know where the beer can came from. He was arrested and taken to the jail.


Obstruction of officers

Oct. 31 – Police were sent out to Ellabell after a report of a vehicle having been driven into a residence, later found to belong to his ex-girlfriend, whom he had been living with until that week. The black Chevy Blazer was seen partially into the side of the Kings Way residence, the driver, who appeared to be highly intoxicated, had to be told to turn the engine off, the report said.

It was seen that he had a silver revolver gun in his hand, and was told to put it down several times before he finally handed it over.

He was asked to exit the Chevy but said he couldn’t because his back was hurt. EMS was called and a neighbor pulled the vehicle out of the residence. When asked why he had driven the vehicle into the home, he said he didn’t know. When asked why he had the gun, he reportedly said he was going to kill himself.

He was transported to Memorial Hospital.


Oct. 29 – While traveling down Hwy. 204, a car was seen to be traveling at a high rate of speed. The vehicle slowed down as the deputy approached him, and was then pulled over. A strong odor of alcoholic beverage could be detected, so the man was asked to step out of the vehicle. The deputy said he was aware of the person from past encounters, and knew the man might try to run. The man reportedly admitted to smoking marijuana in the vehicle and was put in the patrol car. In the vehicle on the floor, what appeared to be marijuana was found, and the man was informed he was being arrested for possession. The offender repeatedly said the deputy put the marijuana into his vehicle and set him up, the report said. He was taken to jail.



From BCSO reports.

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