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Big pothole flattens tire
Richmond Hill Police blotter

Matter of record — An officer was dispatched to the Jukebox on Highway 17 around 2 a.m. Sunday “in reference to an injured person,” a report said.
“Upon arrival I made contact with (the complainant),” the officer continued. “(He) was sitting on a chair with his right leg elevated and his ankle stabilized. (He) appeared to be very intoxicated and could not give me all of his information. EMS arrived on scene shortly after I did and placed (the man) on a stretcher and took him to the ambulance. (His) ankle appeared to be broke or dislocated.”
The officer then spoke with a witness, who said “(The complainant) was flirting with a group of women when he tried to lean on a table and fell over. According to (witness) that is when (complainant’s) ankle got hurt.” The man was taken to Memorial by ambulance.
Matter of record —An officer was sent to the Food Lion parking lot Saturday night “regarding a vehicle that struck a pothole in the access drive,” he reported.
“(Complainant) advised he had backed out of a parking space and was attempting to leave,” the report said. “Prior to being able to get his vehicle onto the right side of the roadway, the front passenger side tire of his (car) struck a pothole in the center of the road causing the tire to rupture.”
The man had changed the tire and wanted the report for insurance purposes.
“An employee from Food Lion placed a caution pillar in the pothole to alert motorists of the hazard in the roadway,” the report ended.
Shoplifting — A Savannah woman was cited Saturday and given a court date after she was spotted in the Dollar General taking a “small, yellow flashlight off a shelf,” and putting it in her pocket. The woman allegedly admitted taking the flashlight, which was returned to  the store.

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