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Allegedly drunk driver told he is 'not in a courtroom'
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July 15 – A Chatham County woman was charged with DUI after she was stopped on Hwy. 17 near White Oak Lane for "failure to maintain lane," according to an incident report. The woman reportedly failed all three field sobriety tests and later posted .089 and .088 on the RHPD’s Intoxylizer 5000.

July 20 – A Pembroke man was arrested for DUI after his car was reportedly spotted crossing the center line on Brisbon Road. His passenger, a Brisbon Road resident, got upset and wound up under arrest, too. "After I arrested the driver the passenger was screaming at me to tell him why his friend was arrested and how to do my job," the officer reported. "The passenger stated he needed to be read his Miranda rights before he was going to answer if he had been drinking to see if he was able to drive the vehicle."

The officer told all the passengers to get out so the vehicle could be towed and the passenger "continued to be belligerent and started swearing," the report said, noting the officer told the passenger if he kept it up he was going to get arrested.

"The passenger became enraged again and started to yell and scream and point at me. I advised him he was intoxicated and the side of the road was not a court room."

He was taken to jail.

July 20 – A Savannah man was pulled over on Hwy. 17 because the SUV he was driving "struck the shoulder line three separate times with the tires going over," a report said while also noting the man smelled strongly of alcohol and failed field sobriety tests, so he was taken to RHPD. There he blew a .132 and .126, the report said.


Matter of record

July 15 – A Cherokee Street woman called police because "her and her husband ... were in an argument about his drinking problem when the offender started to yelling and playing his radio loudly causing their newborn child to wake up," a report said.

The woman told police there was no physical contact, she just wanted her husband to be quiet. They agreed to stay in separate rooms for the night "and he was not going to make any more noise," the report said.

Suspended license

July 14 – A Piercefield Drive man was taken to jail for driving on a suspended license after he was pulled over on Hwy. 17 because his SUV was repeatedly crossing the shoulder line. He told the officer he "was not supposed to be driving and his license was suspended," the report said, noting the man had four separate suspensions. His mother drove the SUV home.

July 17 – An officer running radar on I-95 clocked a Dodge Caliber going 86 mph and "initiated a traffic stop," a report said. The driver then told the officer he didn’t have his driver’s license with him. A check revealed the man’s Florida license had been suspended four times for failing to appear in court and pay traffic fines. He was arrested. The car, a rental, was turned over to a passenger. The man paid a cash bond and was released.

July 20 – An officer driving north on Hwy. 17 near Harris Trail Road reportedly spotted a white pickup "fail to maintain its lane three times," so he pulled the driver over near Hobart. It turned out the Hinesville man’s vehicle wasn’t insured and the registration had been suspended. The pickup was towed, the man was cited for driving without insurance. He was dropped off at Clyde’s Gas Station at his request, the report noted.


Matter of Record

July 16 – An officer was dispatched to Love’s Truck Stop regarding a theft. Maybe. The officer met with the complainant, a truck driver who said someone had tampered with the seal on his trailer in Orangeburg, S.C. He wanted a ‘matter of record’ police report filed "to assist him in filing the actual complaint at the incident location," the report said. Nothing was reported taken.



July 16 – A Rice Gate Drive woman reported someone entered her car, went through items in the glovebox and stole an Ipod.

July 16 - Another Rice Gate drive woman reported she was awakened at approximately 4:30 a.m. when one of her child’s toys on the front porch made noise. She told RHPD she went outside and looked, but didn’t see anything. When she went to her car around 8:50 a.m. she learned someone had gone through her glovebox, though nothing was taken.


Harrassing phone calls

July 16 – A Harris Trail man reported he was getting between 15-35 calls a day from the mother of his child, who also leaves "countless text messages and voice mails," the report said. The man said he and the woman had a child together in California about three years ago, then they broke up and he returned to Georgia. He said the calls are "not life threatening just her telling that she wants him back and that if he does not come back to her she will take him back to court to have the 1,000 a month he pays for child support increased," the report said. The man said he’s filed police reports in every city in Georgia he’s lived in and can’t change his phone number right now because of a business deal in the works. He filed there report "so that when he gets his money straight he can hire a lawyer," it said.


Matter of record

July 18 – Here’s a weird one. An officer responded to Love’s Truck Stop to referee a civil dispute that started when a Midway man went into the store and prepaid for $15 worth of gas on pump 12. But the employee who took his money credited the money to pump 2, not 12, and a Waynesville man used his debit card to prepay at the pump and used up the $15 the Midway man had prepaid.

"The complainant then stated that he approached the driver at pump 2 and told him that he had accidentally used up someone else’s money and would have to purchase the fuel he pumped," the report said. "(The Waynesville man) stated he did not use anyone else’s money because he had scanned in his debit card."

The complainant showed the officer a receipt showing the gas had been prepaid for inside, not by a debit card, so the Waynesville man agreed to put $15 in gas on his debit card "with the understanding from the complainant that (he was charged for the $15 twice) he would be reimbursed."


Matter of record

July 18 – A man went to RHPD to report his 2005 Chevy Trailblazer had been stolen. He said he’d parked the SUV at Harris Trail Plaza for about a month with a ‘for sale’ sign in the window. Police looked into the matter and learned the company managing the plaza thought the vehicle was abandoned and had it towed by a Savannah company.


Public drunk

March 19 – A Hinesville man was arrested after he was brought to the attention of police for being drunk and causing a disturbance at Denny’s. The officer found the man in the parking lot and told him he needed to find a ride home. He "was extremely intoxicated and very unsteady on his feet," the report said.

How intoxicated was the man?

"The offender … attempted to use the gas pumps to make a telephone call," the report said. "But I directed him to a pay phone. The offender attempted to make several phone calls using a pay phone. I had to explain to him that he had to put money in the phone to get a call through. The offender then started to get upset and used his cell phone, but was unable to reach anyone."

After threatening to walk home and swearing, the man was arrested for public intoxication and given a ride to Bryan County Jail.


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