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Allegedly drunk driver is arrested, convinced he's in Jesup
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Aug. 8 – A deputy showed up at Ken’s IGA in Ellabell after notification of a possible drunk driver. He allegedly saw the vehicle parked near the back of the store and as he walked over to it, he "observed a man slumped over the steering wheel unconscious and the truck still positioned in drive." He called for EMS to come out.

"I then opened the door and attempted to wake the driver and smelled an extremely strong smell of an alcoholic type beverage coming from the driver’s person and observed multiple beer bottles on the floor board and one half empty one in the center console drink holder," the report said. "The driver would not awake, so I shifted the vehicle to park and shut the vehicle’s engine off. As I shut the truck off, the driver awoke and stated, ‘Hey buddy, good to see you.’"

He asked the driver if he was okay and he said "he was fine" so the EMS request was cancelled. The deputy asked how much the man had to drink and he said "a few, but that he was okay to drive since he grew up here in Jesup." Then the field test started.

"In the instructional stage the driver appeared that he was about to pass out again and struggled to maintain his balance even using the vehicle for support. As I assisted the driver back to the tailgate of his truck to balance himself, he asked me how long have I worked for the Jesup Police Department," the report said. "I then asked the driver if he knew where he was."

While the driver said he "knew he was still in South Carolina," he lived just inside Georgia, in Jesup, he told the deputy. The deputy took the man’s BAC and it was allegedly a .331. He put he man into the back of the patrol vehicle, at which point the man "began urinating on himself." Another deputy arrived to help the reporting officer search the vehicle.

During the patrol drive over to the jail, the man asked how long the other deputy had been working for the Jesup Police Department, "because he has never seen him and he grew up here." The man was taken to jail and the deputy "decontaminated" his patrol vehicle.


Simple battery

Aug. 2 – A resident from Wade Carter Road in Ellabell said he was approached by a man who he’s "been at odds with" for a couple of years on the date of the report. While he allegedly refused to fight, the other man punched him in the face and head, the report said. "He also had numerous scratches on his back," the report noted. The man said he was taken in for medical treatment by his sister and the deputy advised the man of the warrant process.






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