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Alleged sex offender selling meat door-to-door
Recent crime reports

From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office and Richmond Hill Police Department incident reports:

Aug. 1
Unlawful dumping — A Richmond Hill woman complained that a tree-service company was dumping trees from its jobs onto her family’s Dixie Road property.

“Approximately two acres of trees (were) piled up two stories high,” according to the report. The man who gave the tree company permission to dump the trees told deputies the woman had said she wanted a pond filled in with the trees, and he was going to rent a machine to push the trees into the pond.

The woman said the dumping was “out of control” and she wanted the trees cleaned up, the report states.

A Department of Natural Resources ranger told the company to stop dumping the trees, and the case was turned over to the Environmental Protection Agency for further investigation.

July 31
Property damage — An Ellabell man claimed his pickup was damaged when something fell from a soft-drink delivery truck he had been traveling behind on Highway 280.

The pickup had several dents in the hood and two small scratches on the windshield, according to the investigating deputy.

The delivery-truck driver said the pickup driver approached him in a grocery-store parking lot and made the allegation.

The delivery-truck driver said company policy prohibits him from driving the truck with the trailer door open.

He also told the deputy that the pickup driver said he would not call the police if the delivery driver gave him several cases of drinks.

Burglary — A Richmond Hill woman reported that jewelry was missing from her home on Daniel Siding Loop Road after the front door was left unlocked.

The woman told BCSO deputies her fiancée had been the last person to leave the house that morning and had not locked the door. When she returned home that evening, she noticed her bedroom and her son’s bedroom had been “rifled through,” according to the report.

The only items the woman could tell were missing were her engagement ring and the wedding ring her fiancée had given her. The rings were passed down from her fiancée’s mother, she said.

July 29
Harassment — A Richmond Hill man reported being harassed by his brother.

The man said his two children told him their uncle asked them, “You want me to come and kill your stepmom, slit her throat?” The man also received harassing text messages and phone calls from his brother and his ex-wife, who lives with the brother, according to the report.

The man told BCSO deputies he did not want to press charges against his brother, but did ask about obtaining a temporary protective order against him.

Burglary — An Ellabell man reported that someone broke into his storage shed and stole his daughter-in-law’s gun.

The door knob was broken off and a .380-caliber pistol was the only thing taken from the shed, according to the report. The man told BCSO deputies he suspected “one of the youths in the area” had done it.

The gun owner said she leaves the pistol at her father-in-law’s house because she has children at home, and she shoots with friends in Bryan County.

She said she bought the pistol from a Statesboro pawn shop about four years ago and does not know what brand it is.

Battery — Two women were involved in an altercation with one of the women’s mother.

The alleged instigator argued with the woman who is not her daughter and struck her twice in the face, according to the report.

She then reportedly told the woman she would “gut you with this screwdriver I have” and said she would have her nephew kill her.

The mother drove off with her daughter’s two children, leaving the two women on the side of the road.

The daughter said she was OK with her mother having the children, the report states.

July 28
Sex offender — A man going door-to-door in a Richmond Hill subdivision, selling meat out of a cooler in the back of his pickup, turned out to be a registered sex offender.

A woman in the subdivision told a BCSO deputy the man gave her a bad feeling, and she bought $190 worth of meat from him “because she was afraid not to,” according to the report. He seemed to be “checking the place out” while he was inside her Catalina Cut home, she said.

The woman said, after he left, she looked up the man’s name online and found he is a registered sex offender in Duval County, Florida. The deputy confirmed that with his own online search when he returned to the office.

A neighbor who also bought meat from the man gave a description of his truck — a silver or gray Ford F-150 extended cab with a Florida license plate.

The salesman told the neighbor he has “several other clients in the neighborhood” and would be back in a few months to sell her more, the report states.

July 23
Lost property — A Richmond Hill woman did not realize for two weeks that her driver’s license, military ID, debit card and $20 cash were missing. The woman reported that her daughter took her home from the hospital July 8, and they stopped at a local restaurant.

The woman’s belongings were in a plastic bag that her daughter took into the restaurant to pay for their food, according to the report.

The woman said she had not left home since returning from the hospital and assumed the items were still in a backpack, but could not locate them.

She said she canceled her debit card and no fraudulent charges had been made.

July 18
Marijuana possession — A Florida woman was charged with marijuana possession after being clocked driving 91 mph on Interstate 95.The woman was shaking and visibly nervous, according to the RHPD officer who pulled her over.

The officer said he smelled marijuana and asked the woman where it was, and she reportedly replied “there was a little bit in the back seat.”

The officer found a bag of marijuana in the pouch behind the driver’s seat. The drugs weighed 6 grams and the woman was charged with possession of less than 1 ounce of marijuana, the report states.

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