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Property transfers through Sept. 18

Property transfers on file at the Bryan County Courthouse in Pembroke

Darlene Shuman to Glenn A. Carlson and Denise A. Carlson, 483 Shuman Drive, $317,000, September 12, 2018.

Home of Integrity Construction Co., Inc. to Steven Anthony Fischer and Denise M. Fischer, 255 S. Ridgewood Park Drive, $369,900, September 12, 2018.

Jeff Gannon Kirk to Rebecca S. Wayman, 464 Beauly Drive, $265,000, September 12, 2018.

Bradford D. Bigler to Oran K. Ates and Yeliz Sahin Ates, 124 Steven Street, $247,900, September 12, 2018.

Alex Edwin Fernandez and Shakelia Wood to Michael Alexander Ralston and Sarah Catherine Ralston, 130 Sail Maker Lane, $267,000, September 12, 2018.

Endeavor Homes, LLC to Jason D. Bruner and Rebekah T. Bruner, 440 Ridgewood Park Drive S., Richmond Hill, $319,000, September 12, 2018.

Jason A. Wood, Sr. to Lorenzo Infante, 37 Strome Court, $225,000, September 12, 2018.

Michael J. Schaap and Karen N. Schaap to Jeff Lee and Donna Lee, 64 Eton Court, $305,000, September 13, 2018.

Michelle R. Snyder to Michael Allen Sandilla, 28 Nelson Drive, $199,900, September 13, 2018.

Kristian Danielle Jeffress to Anthony O. Siciliani, 1908 Garden Hills Loop, $297,000, September 14, 2018.

Christian T. Solaita to Sean K. Reeder and Stefanie Reeder, 220 James Dunham Parkway, $295,000, September 14, 2018.

Next Phase Development Company, LLC to Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC, 8 Saddlebrush Road, $100,000, September 13, 2018.

James E. Short to Frank Joseph Ragukonis and Vanessa E. Ragkonis, 437 Sunbury Drive, $273,000, September 13, 2018.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Emily Kristine Rowley and Larry Lamont Rowley, 5 Saddlebrush Road, $209,144, September 13, 2018.

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