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Pembroke looking for city administrator
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Pembroke is on the lookout for a city administrator.

The Pembroke city council approved the $60,000 position in December and is expected to start advertising soon.

Pembroke Mayor Judy Cook said there are benefits to having an administrator - including helping gather numbers during the budget process.

"An administrator would not have final say regarding budgets, but would gather the masses of information, boil it down, and present it to the council for consideration," Cook said.

Pembroke City Clerk Betty Hill said an administrator would serve as a liaison between each city department, city council and the mayor.

Pembroke City Council member Tony Greeson said the position would keep the council members from having to run departments, yet keep the department heads accountable to someone.

"We need it. This position could potentially save the budget $150,000 to $200,000 annually by working closely with all departments," he said.

Ideally, the city administrator position would pay for itself within the first year by analyzing the budget and finding areas where money can be saved, Hill said, noting the administrator also could research and apply for grant money.

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