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Pembroke eyes raises for future mayor, council
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Pembroke City Administrator Alex Floyd said Wednesday compensation for the city’s mayor and council hasn’t increased since 1991.

Then, the mayor’s compensation was $400 a month and council members made $200 a month.

That might change after the next election. Pembroke’s city council will hold the first reading July 8 on a measure to give the next mayor and council a pay rise of approximately $200 per month.

If approved in August, the new scale will raise the compensation of Pembroke’s elected officials to $400 for council members and $600 for the mayor. But it won’t take effect until Jan. 1.

Under state law, office holders can’t vote themselves a pay raise. They can, however, vote in a raise for future councils and if re-elected they’ll get the additional money when they begin their new terms in 2020.

“You can’t vote yourself a pay raise,’ Floyd said. “That’s why if you plan on seeking one you announce it before qualifying so people have a chance to run.”

Pembroke will have a full slate in that election, and qualifying for the city’s five council seats and mayor’s post is in August.

For comparison, Richmond Hill pays the mayor $625 a month, according to City Clerk Dawnne Greene.

City council members receive $416.67 per month.

Members of the Bryan County Board of Education are paid $150 per meeting, but can’t make more than $300 a month no matter how many meetings they attend, Superintendent Dr. Paul Brooksher said.

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