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Owner seeks return of missing Pomeranian
Missing dog Josie
Missing dog Josie

By Lizzy Donker, BCN intern.

Richmond Hill resident Amanda Kornhaus is offering a $2,000 reward, no questions asked, to anyone who can return her missing Pomeranian, Josie.

The family pet went missing when she got out of the car Nov. 2 at the Kroger parking lot.

Since then, Kornhaus has spent hours searching for the dog, which was a gift to her a year ago and was a constant companion to her and her 4-year old daughter.

Kornhaus said the family’s other dog, Lucy, a golden retriever, is just as worried about finding Josie.

Despite every effort to find the family pet it has all been a dead end, as she has yet to find Josie.

Kornhaus, who likened losing the 1-year-old to losing a child, said she doesn’t want to get whoever might have the dog in trouble, she just wants the dog back. 

If you know anything, please call Kornhaus at 727-332-8021.

Josie with
Josie sitting on top of Lucy.
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