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Ossabaw foundation welcomes new officers and trustees for 2018
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At the Ossabaw Island Foundation’s annual meeting on Jan. 18 the following new Board of Trustees officers were announced:

• M. Tyus Butler, as secretary, for a two-year term. He succeeds John Manly.

• John Manly, as chair elect, for a one-year term.

• Continuing officers are Lisa White, chair; and Mike English, treasurer.


Newly elected first-term trustees who began terms in January are:

• Leigh Goff, Atlanta

• Vaughnette Goode-Walker, Savannah

• Denise Grabowski, Savannah

Trustees elected for a second term beginning in January are:

• John C. Helmken II, Savannah

• John Manly, Savannah.

Also announced was the April 2017 election of Trustee J. Truitt Eavenson, Savannah, filling the unexpired term of Cathy Hill.


Comprised of 18 members, the TOIF Board of Trustees paid special thanks to outgoing Trustees Tom Fischer and Ted Moore, both of Savannah, and Rosemary Magee of Atlanta.

They also recognized past Trustees Cathy Hill and Gail Smith, both of whom resigned during 2017 due to professional scheduling conflicts.

Ossabaw Island is a 26,000-acre undeveloped barrier island on the Atlantic Ocean owned by the state of Georgia and located in Chatham County.

Georgia's first Heritage Preserve, accessible only by boat, is undeveloped and set aside by an executive order for natural, scientific and cultural study, research and education, and for environmentally sound preservation, conservation and management of the island's ecosystem.

The Ossabaw Island Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3. Through a partnership with the state of Georgia, TOIF inspires, promotes and manages exceptional educational, cultural and scientific programs that are designed to maximize the experience of Ossabaw Island, while minimizing the impact on the island's resources.

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