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Thursday morning power outage report
Two happy Linemen
Clint Durrence, (left) and Brandon Harpe of Coastal Electric after they had just completed what Durrence described as one of the toughest power restoration jobs he's ever done. Working on Spur 144 where a power line runs a short distance through the woods, Durrence said they had to climb into trees and get up on the rooftop of a building to untangle and clear the wires from a fallen tree. - photo by Photo provided by Coastal Electric

Fewer than 250 customers in Bryan County remained without power this morning.

That is up from a high of more than 10,000 on Monday after the heavy winds from Hurricane Irma passed through the area.

Only five Coastal Electric customers in South Bryan are without power, plus an additional 32 Georgia Power Customers.

In North Bryan, 60 Georgia Power customers remain without electricity, plus an additional 145 Canoochee EMC customers.

In some cases, there can be damage to the service installation on a home or business. That requires the work of an electrician to fix before the customer can receive power. In those cases, that work is the financial responsibility of the customer and not the power company.

Preparation was the key in this week’s response to the large number of outages.

Chris Fettes, vice president of engineering and operations for Coastal Electric, said crews from out of state, a tanker truck full of fuel and tractor-trailer loads of utility poles were onsite Saturday, well ahead of the storm.

Crews hit the roads by 3 p.m. Monday to start working on downed lines and poles. Linemen were fed hot breakfasts and dinners at the company’s headquarters, and administrative staff delivered lunches to them in the field to save time.

“Our members have been patient, and have expressed encouragement and praise through social media for our linemen,” Fettes said. “Those comments were posted where linemen could see them and that encouraged them to press on and do the job they love to do.”

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