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Scammers target local minister
Pretend to represent Treasury Department

 Scammers are seemingly everywhere these days, and Richmond Hill Church of Christ Minister Riley Nelson said he’s had four calls recently from people with the same scam – an offer of a $9000 grant, he said.

“I was to use the money to fix up my house or buy a car,” he said. “Supposedly, I was chosen by the United States Treasury Grant Department because I have never declared bankruptcy and I always pay my bills on time.”

Nelson said he played along with callers to find out more information.

“They gave me a number to collect the money. I could get it in cash by Western Union, a debit card or sent directly to my bank account,” he said.

But when Nelson asked for a different number to verify who they were, the callers hung up, he said. So, the last time they called he listened until the caller was done.

“When they finished I asked them to tell me my name,” he said. “I was asked why. I told them that since they called me they should at least know who I am. They hung up.”

Nelson didn’t stop there. He called the U.S. Treasury Department and was told there was no grant department, and a Treasury representative took the number Nelson had been given to call to “collect” his grant.

He’s also called police.


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