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Police reports: Taco thrown at restaurant

From Richmond Hill Police Department and Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reports.

March 12

Thinking outside the bun, indeed.

An RHPD officer was called to Taco Bell shortly before 10 p.m. “regarding an unruly customer,” a report said.

Once there, the officer spoke with a store employee. She “pointed out three customers that were leaving stating one of them was upset about how long their order took so he threw part of a taco across the counter some of which hit her,” the report continued. “The manager stated he wanted the subjects banned from the property.”

The officer then spoke with the three customers, who denied throwing the taco. They were banned anyway.

March 15

A BCSD deputy was sent to a Belfast Keller Road address where a DNR ranger had found two “vehicles in the ditch ….”

“They were mud bogging in the ditch on the county easement,” the report said. “(The ranger) stopped the vehicles and notified deputies.”

The deputy spoke with the “offenders,” who said they’d “left property they lease from Rayonier Investments and had decided to turn into the ditch instead of onto the roadway. I advised the offenders that they were damaging property that belonged to the state of GA. They advised that they had not thought about that and would pay for or repair any damage that they had caused,” the report said.

No arrests were made because the damage was minor, though the deputy finished the report with a caveat.

“The Bryan (County) Road Department will be notified of the damage in case they would like to pursue charges against the individuals for the damage to the property,” it said.


March 11

A Falcon Drive man called RHPD around 1:30 p.m. to report “an unknown person(s) threw small wooden boards, covered with nails and screws at his above-ground pool causing a puncture in the lining,” an incident report said.

But the complainant had suspects. “(He) advised he has had problems with two male juveniles, possible ages of 7 and 8, that live at (address), who continuously throw items over the fence at his pool such as boiled eggs, basketball, and children’s toys.”

The man said he’d talked to the boys’ mother in October, “but nothing has changed,” the report noted.

The officer saw the puncture in the lining which caused the pool to leak. The man said it could cost more than $500 to fix the puncture, especially if he had to replace the lining. He planned on getting an estimate and wants to prosecute.

March 10

A man wanted in Hinesville was arrested after he was pulled over for driving a car on I-95 with the passenger side mirror “hanging off,” a report said.

The RHPD officer who made the stop reported that “(while) behind the vehicle, the passenger side mirror was flapping in the wind. I felt that the mirror posed a safety hazard to any traffic traveling behind the suspect vehicle.”

The man was described as “receptive and cooperative,” but a check revealed his license had been suspended and there was an active warrant on him from the Hinesville Police Department.

The report didn’t specify what the warrant was for, but the man told the officer “he thought all of that was taken care of.” He was arrested. His car was turned over to a friend.

March 9

An RHPD officer was sent to the Rec Center “in reference to a fire in the men’s room,” a report said.

“Upon my arrival I spoke with complainant …. Who told me that moments before my arrival he had been alerted by one of the youth that there was a fire in the trash can in the men’s room. (Complainant) went on to explain that he quickly extinguished the fire by pouring water on it.”
The officer noted the fire seemed to be out, “a fact that was confirmed by RHFD, who by now had arrived on scene. The only damage the Rec Center suffered was the loss of the garbage can.”

March 9

Three deputies were dispatched to a Mill Creek Church Road address regarding a fight.

“Upon arrival I met with the complainant … who stated her niece … (who was gone on arrival) came onto her property and during a verbal dispute hit her on the left side of the face. (Complainant) stated this all started because there was something said about (the niece) on Facebook that was taken out of context, and she was befriended too,” the report said.

Deputies were sent back out a second time ‘due to a verbal dispute involving (complainant’s) husband and the other parties when he found out she was hit, all other parties were gone on arrival.”

The woman was told how to get a warrant.

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