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Police blotter for Oct. 13

Information taken from Bryan County Sheriff’s Department and Richmond Hill Police Department reports.

Property damage

A Richmond Hill Police Department officer was sent to a Falcon Drive address around 6 p.m. Oct. 8. The visit generated this report:

“Upon my arrival, I spoke with the complainant … whom stated he noticed his mail box leaning back a few inches. (Complainant) stated his mail box was fine yesterday but noticed it was leaning today around noon. I did not observe any damage to the mail box. The mail box was leaning slightly, it may have been bumped by a vehicle. The mail box was still in working order.”

The man wanted a report to document the incident “in the event that it occurs again.”

Criminal trespass

A man went out to eat with his wife Saturday night got home early Sunday morning to find someone had spray painted the letters “LGD” on his van, according to a Richmond Hill Police Department report.

The Willow Oak Drive man called police after finding the letters spray painted on the side of his white Ford van with black spray paint. He had no idea who “could have possibly damaged his vehicle,” but intends to press charges “should the offender be located,” the report said.

The reporting officer checked out the neighborhood but found neither offender nor other signs of vandalism.

Theft by taking

An Ellabell woman told a BCSD deputy that someone “took the seven solar lights from the tops of the fence posts running along the front of their property by the street.”
The report was filed Oct. 7. The woman said “her husband (had) last seen the lights the evening of the 6th when he took the recycle bin to the street.”


Suspended license

A Richmond Hill man was arrested for driving on a suspended license after an RHPD officer spotted him driving a car down Highway 17 near the interstate around 11:45 p.m. Saturday night – with “no operating head lights,” a report said.

The man’s license was suspended for violation of the state’s super speeder law, the report said. He was able to post bond and was advised of his court date.


Theft by taking

A Pembroke man reported Saturday that an apparently former tenant took the washing machine with him when he moved out, according to a Bryan County Sheriff’s Department report. Without permission.

“The complainant stated that he would obtain more identifying information on the offender so I could add it to the report and then he could obtain a warrant,” a deputy’s report said.



Property damage

A Midway woman went to RHPD to report her car was damaged when she hit a pothole on Oct. 8 at the intersection of Highway 17 and Highway 144.

“She said there was road construction at the time of the incident,” an RHPD report said. “She alleged that the pothole bent her rim and flattened the front driver side tire of her (car) … (she) said that her tire will not hold air any longer.”

The officer reported he didn’t see any damage “due to the fact (she) did not drive it to the Police Department to make the report.”



Richmond Hill police on foot patrol arrested two men for “loitering and prowling” after they were spotted looking into cars around 1:46 a.m. Sunday morning in the Travel Lodge parking lot.

It turned out both men had earlier been warned “about public intoxication” by police at another motel parking lot, and at one point one of the men was spotted changing into a dark-colored shirt. It further turned out the two men ran when they spotted a police officer, a report said.

After a short foot chase, police “made contact” with the two men, who claimed they were waiting to get a room.

“Neither subject was in the front of the building or lobby, where any reasonable person would be if they were attempting to get a room,” the report said, also noting that the men denied looking into cars and running from police.

A motel clerk told police neither man was a guest of the motel and neither asked to get a room.

One of the men had a criminal background, the other kept quiet, the report said. Both were arrested.

Fuel Spill

A Bryan County Sheriff’s Department deputy was one of a number of public safety officers who were dispatched last week to Highway 80 in Blitchton near Dasher’s Landing for a fuel spill.

According to a BCSD report, the deputy was sent out around 9:30 p.m. to check Highway 80 “in the area of Dasher’s Landing for a complaint of the roadway being slick.”
Once he arrived, the deputy found “a large amount of diesel fuel which had been spilled onto the roadway,” the report said. “(Deputy) observed a trail of diesel fuel coming from a dirt road which led into a hunting club where there was a logging company cutting timber.”

The deputy called dispatch and had them call out DOT to put sand on the road, and Bryan County Emergency Services also responded to “apply floor dry to the roadway until DOT got to the scene.”
Because the road was so slippery, “traffic control had to be maintained to prevent any accidents due to the slick roadway,” the report said.

The source of the spill was eventually found.  “A tractor trailer (log truck) was located in Pembroke near the phone company on Highway 280 where it was still leaking fuel from the fuel tank,” the report said, noting the driver didn’t know his truck was leaking diesel.

“The driver was unaware that his fuel tank had been punctured by a large piece of wood from a pad placed on the ground for the logging trucks to drive on in the area where the timber was being cut,” there report said.
The log truck driver told the deputy his tank was almost full and had held about 120 gallons.




A BCSD deputy was involved in a car chase last week when he tried to pull over a Nissan Maxima on Highway 280 near Black Creek Church Road.

The report said the deputy clocked the gray Nissan Maxima with Texas plates going 73 mph in the 55 mph zone around 12:50 a.m. Oct. 7 and turned around, hit his blue lights and tried to pull the driver over.

Instead, the driver kept driving west on 280 “at speeds as high as 120 mph” until reaching the intersection of 204, then headed east on 204 “then turned onto Little Creek Road and continued to travel off the paved portion and onto the dirt part still at a high rate of speed,” the report said.

“The vehicle then approached an access gate which was closed across Little Creek Road leading into the Run-N-Gun Hunting Club. The vehicle then rammed the gate at a high rate of speed which caused it to open and continued traveling down the dirt road until it reached a large berm,” the report continued.

The driver then stopped, got out and ran into the woods, and deputies were unable to find him after a short search. The car, on the other hand, turned out to be a rental and sustained “severe damage to the front end.” It was towed.

Damage to property

A BCSD deputy was sent to a Clarktown Road address on Oct. 7 regarding damage caused to a woman’s car cover by (someone’s) dogs. Again.

“(She) stated she has been having an ongoing problem with (the person’s) animals and provide me a case card … from a previous incident where damage was done to another car cover and her automobile,” the report said. “I provided (complainant) with a case number and advised her to seek the assistance of the Magistrate’s Office regarding her damages. A copy of this report has been forwarded to animal control.”


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