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Man stopped for going 101 thought it was OK
Crime reports

Incidents taken from Richmond Hill Police Department and Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reports.

Reckless driving, speeding

A Richmond Hill Police Department officer on I-95 around 11:45 p.m. Friday night spotted a red car heading south that “appeared to be travelling faster than the posted speed of 70 mph,” a report said.

So, the officer “activated my BEE III Directional Radar … and obtained a 3-5 (second) tracking history, obtaining 101 MPH on my rear antenna, supported by a clear audible and visual indicator,” the report continued.

In everyday language, that means the officer clocked the car going 101 mph. So, he pulled the driver over and found it was “closely packed” with “five young males,” the officer reported.

“The driver … stated he thought it was ok to drive that fast because it was late,” the report said, noting the man didn’t ask for an accuracy of the radar and provided the officer with his Brazilian driver’s license.

The man was charged with reckless driving “due to the medium holiday traffic flow, the excessive speed, and the number of occupants in the vehicle that were subjected to possible serious injury or death – should the vehicle have crashed.”
The man was taken to RHPD, where he was cited and posted a cash bond of $1,013.70.

Simple assault

A Haymans Drive woman reported someone attacked her in her yard and then ran off. A Bryan County Sheriff’s Department deputy was dispatched to the woman’s home after 8 p.m. Nov. 20, where he was told the woman “went outside to retrieve her dog from the backside of her residence. She said when she turned to walk back to the residence she felt someone grab her shoulder forcefully. (Complainant) said she pulled away from whoever grabbed her and the subject ripped her shirt in the process.”
The woman said when she screamed for her daughter, the person ran off and she ran inside. She didn’t get a description, but her daughter “stated moments before the incident she heard loud stomping in the nearby driveway and on her way to the store she (saw) a man wearing a black (hoodie),” the report said.

Theft by taking

A BCSD deputy was sent to Black Creek Cemetery on Nov. 18 to take the report of a theft from a gravesite of a “grave name marker.”

“Victim stated that she came to the family plot area on this date and noticed that a grave name marker was missing from the plot area<” the report said. “Victim also stated that someone tried to takethe granite flower holder also from the plot causing slight damage to the holder.”

 The woman wanted the incident documented.


Matter of record

A RHPD officer was sent to a gas station on Highway 17 around 6 p.m. Saturday, where he met with a man who said the mother of his child was violating a court order because she didn’t bring their 5-year-old daughter to the station so he could take custody of the child.

The man said the woman was supposed to meet him there but instead texted him and said “she was having car problems and would not be bringing the child to Richmond Hill,” the report said.

The officer asked to see the texts and was granted permission.

“I saw where … (the mother) had explained to (the complainant) that she was having car trouble and was riding with a friend,” the officer wrote. “In her texts (the mother) went on to explain that her friend was not willing to take her all the way to Richmond Hill but that she would be willing to meet in Savannah to exchange the child.”

The officer asked the man, “since he was from Savannah himself, why he didn’t just meet (the mother) there and pick up his child,” the report said.

The man reportedly responded, “this is not the first time (the mother) has pulled something like this and he doesn’t want her to develop a habit, thinking she can get away with it.”

The officer explained it was a civil matter “and the best I could do for him was document the incident in a Matter of Record report, and he said that would be fine.”

Theft by taking

A woman told police someone took her wallet from her buggy in Kroger early Saturday morning.

An officer was sent to the store around 7:30 a.m., where he met with the complainant. She said she turned her back to the cart and “(when) she turned back to her cart, her wallet was missing,” the report said.

The woman said the wallet was brown and had approximately $600 in cash, along with other items. The woman said she’d already cancelled her credit cards and wanted to prosecute if police found the person who swiped her wallet.

The officer met with store officials, who said there was no camera “on the aisle (where) the wallet was stolen,” and the report also noted that “(there) were several people in the store at the time making it difficult to narrow down the offender.’
The officer also helped the woman look for her wallet “to ensure she hadn’t simply dropped (it) and checked her car to make sure it wasn’t inside. No luck.

Damage to property

A BCSD deputy was sent to Mulberry Park regarding a woman who said a company cutting near power lines for Canoochee EMC with a bush hog “dug up her underground electric fence wire, and also tore the electric fence wire control box off the wall of her storage shed.”
She said the damage was about $250.

Criminal trespass

A deputy was dispatched to an English Drive address around 7 p.m. Saturday regarding damaged property. When he got there, the complainant said “the offender had drunkenly cussed him out and then kicked a hole in the wall,” then left the place before the deputy got there.

“I spoke to the homeowner… who stated he would not prosecute the offender. I advised the complainant to move out of his father’s residence if he could not get along with his father’s girlfriend,” the deputy’s report ended.

Damage to property

BCSD deputies were sent to “Eldora Road close to Willie Road” in Ellabell regarding “a vehicle in the ditch,” a report said.

“Upon arrival, the driver of the vehicle stated that he had run in the ditch and someone was trying to help him,” the report continued. “The person that was trying to help … pulled him into a culvert causing damage to his front head light assembly, hood and front bumper area on the driver side of the vehicle. The complainant then stated the person that was helping him then left the area.”

The deputy called a tow truck, which “arrived on scene and … pulled the vehicle out of the ditch.”




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