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Letters to Santa Claus

The following letters to Santa Claus were contributed by students at McAllister Elementary School in Richmond Hill. All letters were typed verbatim with only minor grammatical and spelling changes:

Dear Santa,

I really would like an iPad for Christmas. I think I should have one because I could play video games. Also I could take it places and I can do MobyMax on it. I could search for things and play on it with my friends and share. My brother never lets me play his iPad so if I had one I would leave him alone.

Love, Tyler

Dear Santa,

The main thing I would like for Christmas is a trampoline. If I get a trampoline I will go outside without complaining. Also, I will be on that thing and do more than my daily workout. The last reason is I won’t be bored and whine of how bored I am. That’s why I think you should get me a trampoline. My family and friends will also love it too.

Sincerely, Maddy

Dear Santa,

I would like a robot that does my homework. I will be able to spend more time with my family. I can play games with my sister, mom and dad. I can cuddle with my mom. I can spend more time playing with my friends. We can build forts in their yard. We can make bomb fires with my dad. We pretend we’re spies. I can hang out with my sister. We go to the park, play soccer, and we play pretend.

Regards, Meredith

Dear Santa,

This year I will want a blue owl figurine. I want this because it makes me calm. I know this, for in Epicot when we were in Japan I held it and I was calm. That is why I want a blue owl figurine.

Sincerely, Addison

Dear Santa,

I want a laptop for Christmas. Can I have one? I promise I have been good this year! I want one because I don’t have one. Also I can’t go on the computer, because everyone else hogs it. I need one so I can learn about people and who made what. I also want to play Animal Jam. I want to learn because I am a nerd.

Sincerely, Lindsey

Dear Santa,

How are you? I’m great. For Christmas I want a Transformers Megatron. I have been very good this year. Plus we need a villain to play with. I will take better care of it. Even if I don’t get the toy I’ll still be good.

Sincerely, your loving boy, Robbie

Dear Santa,

I would love a robe for Christmas because people come over I need to cover up. If I lose people will see me … yikes. Robes are soft and keep me warm during the cold. I promise I will take care of it. And I don’t care what color it is. I really hope I could get a robe for Christmas.

Sincerely, Claire

Dear Santa,

For Christmas I want Call of Duty 3 for my brother and me to play together on the Xbox One. I think I should get Call of Duty three because I’m caring and nice. The reason I want Call of Duty 3 is because I want to give it to my brother Kyle. He’s nice; he plays games with me and I love him. We would play Call of Duty 3 together and have fun playing because we love each other. That’s why I want Call of Duty 3 to give my brother. Santa, please give me Call of Duty 3 so I can give it to my brother.

Love, Ryan

Dear Santa,

Please get me a computer for Christmas! I mean you know everyone’s got to grow up someday, and if I get a computer I could use it to study for college. I know you want me to get good grades and all, but if I get a computer I could be an overachiever. And if I’m an overachiever, then I could get good grades in college. Dad’s really smart and he got good grades in college. So please, get me a computer for Christmas.

Sincerely, Halle

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