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Jury panel to report Monday
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Trial jurors for state court were recently drawn by Bryan County Clerk of Courts Rebecca G. Crowe for the October 2011 term of the Bryan County State Court.
Jurors are to report at 8:15 a.m. Monday at the Bryan County Courthouse at 151 S. College St. in Pembroke.
Jurors should contact the clerk’s office at 653-3872 after 5 p.m. Friday to confirm attendance is required. No compensation will be paid to jurors unless the jury pool is actually impaneled.
Anyone whose name appears on the following list and did not receive a summons by mail should contact the clerk’s office at the number above to verify contact information:

James A Allen
Cynthia Ellen Anderson
Wendy Michelle Arbogast
Hinton Ray Arnsdorff
Mary Sue Arthur
Sussie Ann Bacon
Della Mae Ball
John E Barker
John Barry
Elizabeth F Beauchamp
Brett Owen Berry
Larry E Browder Sr
Walter Ray Butler
Yonte C Cater
Amanda Christie
Robin H Compton
Brandi Cordero-Torres
Matthew Crouch
Larry M Cunningham
Robert Harold Daniels Jr
Kathy Davis
Teresa T Davis
Marjorie Dickey
Julie A Doyle
Raymond H Dubois
Rod E Eastland
Jason Thomas Edenfield
Mark Allan Escalante
Kimberly Fordham
Wanda Ann Goss
James Boise Graney
Raymond R Hall
Reginald S Heidemann
Sherry D Hodges
Morris Gene Hogan
Ruth Ellen Jackson
Sandra Elaine Jackson
Cynthia Jakemedes
Bruce A James
Irene M Jenkins
Sally A Jilek
Christy Kangeter
Christopher Kuettner
John Latch
Stephanie Lindsey
Deedra Mary Long
Marzella McCoy
William Thomas McKay III
Wesley Shannon Merritt
Michael David Miller
Donna S Mitchell
Theodore Montgomery
Janette M Niemiec
Nancy D Nubern
Don T Olliff
Robyn Padgett
Sam Perrotta
Pamela J Petermann
Christy Lee Rabbitt
Susan Stout Richardson
Stephen Joseph Rivers
William Michael Robinson
Connie Lynn Ryan
William A Short Jr
Sally F Shuman
Isaiah Smith
Mannie B Smith Jr
Nola Kathleen Smith
Ben Olliff Spence
Alfred Harvey Spinks Jr
Lisa A Sprinkle
Kimberly A Stefan
Joseph W Strickland
Teri L Strozzo
Patricia Sumner
Marie B Thomas
Terry Dwayne Tucker
Bobby R Tuten
Twiana M Walker
Robert Washington
Myrtle D Watson
Charles T Winskie
Jeffrey Robert Wise
Letitia Wootson
Connie York

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