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How dark did total eclipse get?
This photo was taken at 2:42-2:44 p.m. Monday. - photo by Photo by Pat Watkins

While the eclipse of the sun Monday was a bust for much of Coastal Georgia, it was spectacular 100 miles up I-95. How dark did it get? The photos at were taken less than five minutes apart. They show Midway’s Jan Williams and Richmond Hill’s Lynn Whitmore floating on Lake Marion in South Carolina. The light photo was taken when the sun was 98-99 percent covered. The darker photo was taken with a flash during totality, which was right at 2:45 p.m. The little lights in the background of the darker shot are cars crossing a bridge over the lake. During the two-minute totality, spectators were able to look at the sun without protective glasses and the star’s corona was clearly visible to the naked eye.

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