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Hatchery gets needed pump through CCA donation
Coastal Conservation Association local board member Ashley McGlohon, left, CCA local president Jon Seagraves, Richmond Hill Hatchery manager Chris Harper and CCA local vice president Chris Barr show off a new pump recently donated to the hatchery. (Provided)

The Richmond Hill Hatchery has received a much-needed pump thanks to a donation from the Coastal Conservation Association of Georgia.
The pump, known as a “tempering pump,” is used in the acclimatizing phase of the fish hatchery process.
“This pump will be used to acclimate fish to the body of water in which they will be stocked,” Richmond Hill Hatchery manager Chris Harper said. “This is a critical step in the stocking process because if the fish aren’t acclimated properly, they could go into shock. It is very important to temper, or adjust, the fish to the new environment. The sudden shock of changing water temperature or chemistry can stress or kill fish.”
Jon Seagraves, president of the Richmond Hill Chapter of CCA, along with officers Chris Barr and Ashley McGlohan, presented the tempering pump on behalf of the Lanier Chapter of the Coastal Conservation Association.
Read more in the Oct. 8 edition of the News.

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