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Get help for the holiday blues
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Mental health providers recommend individuals with the “holiday blues” speak up and reach out for help.
Individuals should be realistic in their expectations of the holidays, they said. And if feelings of anxiety and depression persist, there are support resources for civilians and military members.
“If there is a secret to managing holiday stress, it is simply to decide what you want and learn how to ask for it,” said Greg Loskoski, employee assistance program coordinator with the Fraser Counseling Center. Loskoski said stress during Christmas and New Year’s often arises when an individual places unrealistic expectations on themselves or those around them.
“In financial terms the desire to buy presents overwhelms the resources of our bank accounts,” Loskoski said. “In terms of time, the expectation that we attend every party and event offered by our friends, family, work and social group can overwhelm the resources that we have available. In terms of energy, the things we put ourselves through to ‘get ready’ for the holidays leave us worn out.”
Loskoski said individuals should speak with loved ones about how they envision the holidays, but should also set reasonable boundaries.

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