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Cross not a burden for Pembroke man
Donald Kiltz walking to show his faith, help local family in need
Kiltz cross Web
Donald Kiltz is shown holding the orange cross he will carry around Statesboro and Georgia Southern for 24 hours beginning Saturday, June 13. - photo by Photo provided.

A Pembroke man will walk around Statesboro next Saturday carrying a large orange cross to help a local family in need. 

Inspired by his son Christopher, Donald Kiltz hopes to spread the word of Christianity, while raising awareness and funds for the Moore family, who are struggling with significant health issues. 

Stacie Moore is the mother of five children and is married to Shawn Moore. She stays home full-time to take care of her four boys and one girl.

And all four of the boys are battling Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. The three oldest boys, Nicholas, Nathan and Jesse, are confined to wheelchairs.

Also, her husband Shawn is diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome, which keeps him from working full-time. She said their 11-year-old daughter Anna helps out where she can. 

“His Tourette’s really doesn’t affect us,” Moore said. “He is great with the kids, but when the kids have a bad day, he gets stressed.” 

That’s where Kiltz hopes to help. On Saturday, June 13 at 9 a.m., Kiltz will begin walking around Statesboro carrying the heavy orange cross.  He hopes people will notice him and his obvious Christian message, and also donate to help the Moore family. 

“Shawn and Stacie are awesome people and they are always about their children and I prayed to God that I got to know them,” he said.

Kiltz is set to begin his walk at Complete Car Care on Veterans Memorial Parkway and asks people to donate what they can. He also has set up a “Fund Me” account here for people who cannot make it. 

He heard of the Moore’s story through individual conversation and began praying about the family. 

“I got my faith from my son Christopher after watching a movie about a guy who walked for homeless children,” Kiltz said. 
Kiltiz said the boy in the movie walked with a little red wagon to raise money to help homeless kids.

“After it was over, Christopher looked at me and said: ‘Why can’t we walk for God?’ He put me on the spot and he was right. So we decided to start.” 

The Moore family faces obstacles throughout the course of a routine day. Wheelchairs, hospital beds, and other equipment take up space and leave little room in the house, Stacie Moore said. 

“We can’t go anywhere together, our vehicle is not big enough,” she said. “The biggest thing is space though, we have little space, but a lot of big things. Both me and my husband get them out of bed, help them shower and get them dressed.”

When she discovered her children had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, Moore turned to her family for support.

“They were born with it,” she said. “It was very hard. It felt like my life was falling apart, but we pulled together as a family and we did it. If it weren’t for my husband and his support, I would be lost.”

Kiltz hopes to raise enough funds to make the family’s current residence wheelchair accessible and help with their medical expenses. All proceeds will go directly to the Moore family. 

“The family has been promised help from numerous organizations, but things fell through,” Kiltz said. “Stacie was excited, but also a little weary of this project, which is totally understandable.”

The Moore family was very excited when they learned about Kiltz’s plan to walk for them.

“We felt overwhelmed,” Stacie Moore said. “We aren’t the type of people who go and ask people for help. We were very excited, but there have been multiple places that have offered help, but wanted something in return. Mr. Kiltz wanted nothing.”

Donations and pledges may be made directly to the family or through Anyone interested may donate in person when they see Kiltz carrying the cross or may call him at 912-665-0240. 

Starting at Complete Car Care at 9 a.m., Kiltz will travel towards KFC and then head to downtown Statesboro. He will walk all of the bypass to Uncle Shugs at the Ga. Hwy 301 intersection and then take a left at Complete Car Care. He will have another route that goes through Georgia Southern University, too. 

For more information about the Moore family and their benefit, visit the T.L.W. ministry page on Facebook

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