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Blotter: Man forgets to shut car hood, trucker causes ruckus, more

From Pembroke Police Department, Richmond Hill Police Department and Bryan County Sheriff’s Department reports:

March 22

An RHPD officer responding to a call of vehicle damage on Harris Trail Road found a man who said he’d left his home on Brisbon Hall Road and “as (the man) accelerated on Harris Trail Road, the hood of his vehicle raised up on the hinges and made contact with the roof of his vehicle,” a report said.

“(The man) said he realized he forgot to latch his hood at his residence. (The officer) observed a crease in the hood and minor scrapes along the front edge of the roof,” the report continued. “(The officer) provided (the man) with the case number for this report and explained how he could obtain a copy of it. (The man) was able to secure his hood prior to reentering the roadway.”

March 22

An RHPD officer was sent to the TA Travel Center “regarding an intoxicated truck driver that may have struck the building while attempting to park,” a report said.

What’s more, the complainant said the driver “had been very disruptive earlier and failed to pay for his meal when he left,” the report continued. “The subject had since returned and was sitting in the restaurant area.”

So, the officer introduced himself to the driver and told him of the complaint – and noted the driver had slurred speech, glassy, bloodshot eyes and “when asked to join me outside he staggered as he walked away from the table staking with him a bundle of silverware and his personal cup filled with a large mixed drink consisting mostly of vodka per (the driver),” the report said.

But, the driver was “adamant that he had not struck the building or guardrail as others were alleging,” and the officer was unable to find proof that “supported the allegation that he had struck the pole holding the staircase behind the building.”

In addition, witnesses admitted “neither actually observed his vehicle strike the pole holding the staircase,” the report said. They did hear scraping when the man tried to park it in a handicapped parking space, however.

The officer documented the damage, the complainant allowed the driver to pay his bill and, after he tested positive on a preliminary breath test, the driver was charged with public drunkenness.

March 22

Around 275 feet of copper tubing was stolen from apartments under construction on Plantation Way, and a construction trailer was broken into, a report said.

Four 50-foot lines of copper and a 75 foot line of the copper tubing was taken from the apartments, the report said. It was unclear at the time of the report whether anything was missing from the trailer.

March 21

A Pembroke officer was sent to a Georgia Street address to talk to a woman who said someone stole her bike from her carport.

The bike is described as brown, “ladies type beach type bike,” with a white seat, black basket in front, black rack on the back, and “black rusted handle bars and a cup holder,” the report said. The woman said she bought the bike the previous year for “about $150,” and may have been a Huffy. The woman didn’t have a serial number and had no idea who stole her bike “but would recognize it if she saw it,” the report said.

March 20

Deputies were sent to a Shumantown Road address “in reference to a dispute between two females,” a report said.

“Contact was made with (complainant) who stated she allowed (a girl who for clarity will be known as Female A) to stay a few nights at her house. (Female A) is the girlfriend to (complainant’s) child.”

At some point the two girls argued and the complainant’s child grabbed Female A by the hair.

“The parties were separated and (Female A) got her belongings and left the house,” the report said.

March 19

 A BCSD deputy was called to the 280 Package Shop by Gator Logging near Pembroke to take a report of damage to property.

Here it is:

“Victim stated that she was traveling eastbound on Highway 280 when she ran over an old rusty drive shaft that had fell off a green Dodge Dakota, which was traveling westbound on highway 280, causing damage to her front driver side tire.”

March 17

A 17-year-old girl was arrested after a Pembroke officer first spotted her arguing with another girl at the corner of Ledford and Dubois in front of “a large crowd of people,” and then saw the teen grab the other “by her hair, pull her head down and punch (her) in the face and head several times with a closed fist.”

The victim initially refused to speak to the officer, the report said, and an aunt of the girl who was arrested said two other girl “tried to jump (her niece).”

Juvenile authorities confirmed the age of the teen and she was taken to Bryan County Jail. The officer was able to talk to the victim later, and she said the two have had an ongoing problem and it resulted in the fight.

March 13

A Pembroke officer was doing a security check at Pembroke Pharmacy when he spotted a pharmacist arguing with a woman over her getting “multiple prescriptions filled at four different pharmacies since (Jan. 1) and that (the pharmacist) was going to stop filling the prescriptions for (the woman),” a report said.

“After about four minutes of this going on I interrupted when (the woman) refused to leave,” the officer reported. “I then explained to (the woman) that if she did not leave the property she would be arrested for criminal trespass. While talking to (the woman) I observed that she was unsteady on her feet and that her eyes were glazed, bloodshot and dilated.”

The officer escorted the woman outside the store to avoid causing a scene inside, the report said. He then had the woman’s license number run through dispatch and learned she was wanted in Savannah for failing to appear in court on a theft by taking charge. She was arrested and taken to jail.

Feb. 2

A Pembroke officer patrolling downtown around 8:30 p.m. spotted a car “stuck on the railroad tracks in front of the Pembroke Inn,” a report said.

The officer asked the driver if she was hurt and she said no, but something was amiss.

“While speaking with (the woman) she was constantly shaking,” the report said. “I asked (her) for (her) driver’s license and she handed me two packs of cigarettes.”

The woman finally managed to provide her license and told the officer she ran off the road and didn’t realize it until she was already on the tracks and stuck.

The officer noticed her pupils were dilated and she continued to shake, the report said, and she admitted to smoking marijuana “just a little while ago.”

What’s more, one of the packs of cigarettes the woman had handed the officer earlier didn’t have cigarettes in it, but instead “contained a pipe with burnt marijuana residue and a clear baggy full of a green leafy substance which appeared to be marijuana.”

A towtruck got the woman’s car off the tracks. The woman failed field sobriety tests and was arrested for DUI and possession of marijuana under an ounce.


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