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Baggy pants law discussed
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Could Pembroke soon have an ordinance making it illegal to wear baggy pants?
The issue was raised during Monday’s City Council meeting when code enforcement officer Mike Foxworth told council members he and Interim Police Chief Stacy Strickland had been discussing a possible ordinance.
“It’s something the city would have to approve, but it’s something we have talked about,” Foxworth said after the meeting. “We haven’t gotten too much in depth on it yet.”
Foxworth said the topic came up when he repeatedly had to ask a resident to pull up his pants because his underwear was showing. But he also said Pembroke doesn’t exactly have an epidemic of people wearing their pants too low.
“It’s not any worse here than anywhere else and probably not as bad as it is in some places,” he said.
The idea didn’t gain much traction with mayor pro tem Johnnie Miller, who said “we’ve got more important issues to deal with than baggy pants. We can control baggy pants.”
Council member Diane Moore agreed.
“We’re trying to get the city up to par, get a certified police department, a certified fire department, get our water and streets up to par,” she said. “That’s more important than baggy pants.”

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