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It's time again to 'Bring one for the Chipper'
Richmond Hill tree recycling program hels save landfill space, more
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Bryan County residents looking to dispose of their live Christmas trees can recycle them during the city of Richmond Hill’s annual Bring one for the Chipper event.
According to city Parks and Tree Department Director Harvey Lashley, the annual event is set from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Jan. 5 in J.F. Gregory Park, but residents don’t have to wait to drop off their trees.
“People can drop them off from now until Jan. 5, and it’s kind of convenient to go ahead and drop them off now,” Lashley said.
Additionally, Lashley said workers will be on site to help unload trees, which will be ground into mulch residents can take home for free.
Mulch can be picked up the day of the event, or for about a week after, he said. Any leftover mulch will be used in the city to enhance trees and shrubbery.
Lashley encouraged residents to participate, noting it will extend the life of landfills.
“If we put the Christmas trees in a landfill, it’s just a waste of good green space,” he said. “And if you put them in landfill they just last forever and take a lot of space.”
For more information, call City Hall at 756-3345 or visit

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