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Interchange at Belfast Siding on the table
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The Bryan County Board of Commissioners will hold a public meeting at 9:30 a.m. on Sept. 22 at the Richmond Hill Holiday Inn to discuss a proposed interchange that would connect interstate 95 and Belfast Siding Road.

Commissioners will present the issue to the U.S. senators and congressmen who represent the area.

According to Jimmy Burnsed, chairman of the Board of Commissioners, the interchange would benefit Bryan County’s economic development.

"It would give us a third interchange in Bryan County, which would be a tremendous economic driver," he said. "It’s been proposed for over 20 years, but no action has been taken yet because it’s very difficult to get an interchange on a federal highway. It would open the area to economic development."

Much of the land around the intersection is owned by developer Terra Pointe, LLC, which has recently been given approval by the Board for a massive residential development project in that area.

"Terra Pointe owns the land around that area, and they are interested in real estate development, and an interchange would be important in facilitating that," Burnsed said.

In addition to Terra Pointe’s residential development project, it has also envisioned an industrial park nearby; and a new school, which will serve 1,500 students, is proposed for construction in the area.

Burnsed said that putting an interchange between I-95 and Belfast Siding Road would help ensure the safety of Bryan County residents in the event of a hurricane evacuation.

"It would give us another way out besides just Hwy. 144," he said.

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