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Heat advisory issued for Bryan County
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Summer doesn’t officially begin until next week, but temperatures predicted for the coming days would argue otherwise.

With heat indices expected to reach around 110 or more, the National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for Savannah and the surrounding areas, including Bryan County, until 8 p.m.

In Richmond Hill, the high today is expected to reach 98, with a heat index of 109. There is a 20 percent chance of thunderstorms before 11 p.m.

Nightly lows for the week will hover around 74 degrees, and highs are expected to climb back into the upper 90s through the week, which means more heat advisories are likely to be issued before the weekend.

A heat advisory means that a period of very hot temperatures can be expected. The combination of heat and humidity will create situations in which heat illnesses, such as heat stroke and dehydration, are possible.

The National Weather Service encourages people to drink plenty of water, stay out of the sun, check up on the elderly and stay in an air-conditioned location if possible.

Also, it is imperative that children and pets are not left in cars, which can prove deadly in a short amount of time.

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