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Have your expectations changed?
pastor corner

I was watching the interviews with the players after an NBA finals game the other day when they asked Kevin Durant what he thought about Stephen Curry’s record setting performance. (He made nine three-pointers).

His answer was, “He’s done so many things like this so many times that we have come to expect it.”

There should be things that we are really good at that people aren’t really surprised when we succeed. And there are defintely things that God does that we have come to expect as normal.

The Scriptures tell us that there is nothing impossible with our God – there is nothing too hard for our God to perform. He is all powerful and the Bible gives us story after story of the Lord doing mighty things on behalf of his people.

We all have times when we need God to show up. There are times when things look humanly impossible. So the question is, do you expect God to come through for you or have your expectations expired?

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