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Green Creek Nature Trail dedicated, ready

If you’re driving down Hwy. 144 at the posted speed limit, you’ll likely drive right past it.

It’s the first part of the Green Creek Nature Trail, which is now ready for the community to use. The announcement came Wednesday during a dedication ceremony held for the one-mile portion of the trail.

"Children and adults need more exercise – that’s the key word today, ‘exercise,’" Bryan County Commission Chairman Jimmy Burnsed said. "The best part is, this trail is adjacent to our new recreation complex and moms and dads who will be bringing their kids over to the park for rec practice can have the opportunity to take a walk. I believe this will be used a great deal; we wanted to offer more recreation options for our residents, close to their homes."

Right now, the trail goes through the woods for about one mile, but doesn’t have a loop around so you can walk it and turn around, or take a bridge from the trail into Henderson Park. In the future, the county will tie the loop over Spur 144 and into the Ozzy Trail, behind the BP gas station on the corner of Hwy. 144 and the Spur.

"This is an exciting time, the city and commission have worked really hard for this," Commissioner Glen Willard said, noting the completed trail will one day stretch about three-and-a-half miles. "We also have future plans for bike trails from the city to the park. Residents won’t need to go to other counties to enjoy these types of community recreation. We look forward to everyone enjoying this."

Eventually, the trail will go all the way into the Strathy Hall and Oxford subdivisions, which will allow residents to take the trail all the way from their neighborhood to the park, said county Planning and Zoning Director Dale Dudley.

Four-wheelers and motorcycles are not allowed to utilize the trail. To find it, drive just past the Spur on Hwy. 144 and about half-a-mile down the road on the left is the parking lot, just before the fire station.



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