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County makes it through wet weekend without major problems
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Heavy rains left Bryan County residents a little less than high and dry over the holiday weekend, but authorities said the rain didn’t create any major problems.

Flash flood warnings were issued from Saturday through Sunday afternoon for the county.

Though the entire county was listed under the last flash flood warnings on Sunday, Jim Anderson, director of Bryan County’s Emergency Management Agency, said there were instances of stranded motorists in the Richmond Hill area Saturday night and noted flooded roads were occurring in most of the subdivisions east of I-95. But the sun was shining by Labor Day morning. On Tuesday, Anderson said the county had made it through the wet weekend without any major problems.  “Around Bellfast got 12 inches and here in Pembroke we got six inches. Everybody was pretty much safe. We had some low lying flooding like we usually do, but that was about it. It was a fairly quiet weekend,” he said.The National Weather Service in Charleston reported accumulated rainfall in select areas over the weekend, including almost 14 inches on Wilmington Island, five inches in downtown Savannah, and four inches at the Savannah Airport in Pooler.  
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