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County announces ISO rating improved
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Bryan County Emergency Services recently received notification that the department’s ISO rating has improved. The county’s participation in the most recent Public Protection Classification (PPC) survey resulted in a new classification of 4/4X. The analysis of Bryan County’s structural fire suppression delivery system is conducted approximately once every eight to 10 years unless the county requests a new evaluation. Previously, Bryan County’s rating was a 5/5X.

The news is positive for thousands of county home and business property owners, who pay insurance prices partially based on ISO ratings. A lower score indicates a stronger ability to on the county’s part to respond and protect residents through a variety of measures. The ISO rating is based on areas of fire protection including personnel, apparatus, training, water supply and fire and life safety prevention and education.

“Our department has worked hard to improve our rating, which should, in turn, save our citizens money on insurance,” Bryan County Emergency Services Chief Freddy Howell said. “Over the past few years, the county commissioners and county administrator have generously allowed us to hire additional personnel and purchase apparatus, including tanker/tenders, to help get additional points to lower our rating.”

The new rating will be effective on Dec. 1, 2021. After that date, citizens protected by BCES are encouraged to contact their home and business insurance companies to notify them about the change and see what savings those insurance agencies might offer.

The new ISO rating places Bryan County’s among a small pool of elite counties in the nation that can claim such an impressive score. The county is one of 1,655 Class 4 counties in the United States. In comparison, there are 8,782 Class 5 counties in the nation.

“The new ISO rating is a real accomplishment for the county and could result in a significant insurance premium cost reduction for many of our residents and business property owners,” Bryan County Commission Chairman Carter Infinger said. “I want to thank Chief Howell and his staff for the hard work that went into our last ISO/PPC system evaluation.”

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