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Cook thanks residents for following COVID-19 restrictions, urges patience
Pembroke Mayor reads letter to residents
Mayor Judy Cook
Mayor Judy Cook

Pembroke Mayor Judy Cook opened Monday's city council meeting, held online, with an address to residents, her fellow council members and anyone else who might've been watching.

Here's the text of that address. 

I hope this video finds you all healthy, happy and safe. I hope you all had an enjoyable Easter weekend despite all the circumstances that would stand in its way. I’d like to remind you all that the week leading up to the first Easter had its own trials but as we all know the result was worth it all. I hope you all feel the same way about the current shelter in place order from the State and local government. While sheltering in your home and only traveling out for essential goods and services may be a trial, the end result of a slowed spread and flattened curve of COVID-19 will be worth it all.

I hope you are all, like us, taking this measure very seriously and doing your best to keep our community healthy. It appears as though no community is immune to this pandemic and we will inevitably see cases in our City but if we will be constantly aware of our gatherings and interaction and constantly vigilant with our hygiene, this too shall pass.

I ask that the orders protecting our seniors and the medically fragile be observed to the letter and that no unnecessary visiting take place where the most vulnerable among us are concentrated.

I salute the business community, many of whom took cautionary measures before orders were even announced. Businesses who instituted social distancing to protect the public and employees, that limit the amount of people within their buildings, that encouraged delivery, drive thru, curb-side pickup and other forms of minimal interactions, that put the health and safety of the public before their own monetary interests; these are the true ‘essentials’ in our community. Take note of these folks and please, when this crisis is over, patronize them to the best of your ability and lets all get back on our feet together.

I finally ask that we all be patient and kind with one another and recognize our common humanity. We will all make mistakes, we will all fall short and we will all learn together. Our emergency management portion of our comprehensive plan covers train wrecks but does not cover pandemic disease. We didn’t plan for this interruption but the lessons we learn today will not be forgotten tomorrow. We will emerge stronger than ever. We appreciate your help, your participation and we appreciate you being part of this meeting tonight. In today’s digital world, even though we are divided into our own homes we are more connected than ever and please know that we are a phone call or message away from addressing your concern just as if you walked through the doors at City Hall.

Thank you,

 Judy Cook.

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