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City Council takes stand against King America plant
Resolution supports health of Ogeechee
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The Richmond Hill City Council has offered its support on a matter that still weighs heavy on the hearts of many Bryan County residents — the health of the Ogeechee River.
At Tuesday’s regular meeting, the council unanimously approved a resolution supporting the health and maintenance of the river by the state’s Environmental Protection Division (EPD).
Mayor Harold Fowler said the council supports this matter because of how important it is to maintain the health of the environment.
“I think the big thing is we need to protect all of our waterways and it is a concern especially with all the fish kills we’ve had on the Ogeechee,” Fowler said Friday. “Another big thing is to protect the rivers so there will be fish and sport for our kids and grandkids.”

Read more in the Oct. 6 edition of the News.

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