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‘We’re going to have a good nucleus of players’

RHHS boasts a phenomenal boys soccer team. One contributing factor to this is the phenomenal coaching staff. I was able to speak with the boys soccer head coach Mr. Wade Wright. While talking with Coach Wright the immense level of devotion he feels for his team was exceedingly evident.

Q: What are your thoughts on the condition of the team as a whole going into the season?

A: Well this year we’ve done more plyometrics, and more running, and more cardiovascular than we’ve done in the past so condition wise, as in shape to play a match, we’re ready to go. As for physical conditioning in the sense of injuries, we’ve got some bumps and bruises already just from all that stuff, but that’s why you keep more than eleven, so we’re ok.

Q: What do you consider our strengths as a team?

A: The strength of our team this year is going to be the fact that we have five players who have, as underclassmen, seen extensive varsity time. So we’re going to have a good nucleus of players at the varsity level that have seen playing time, that have played in region games, they’ve played in state games, they’ve played in the big games that you had to win. So we’ll have a calming factor there for the young kids who we’ll have to use and depend on.

Q: What are some things we need to work on?

A: Depth. We have a very strong team, but a lot of the kids we’re going to rely on for depth in the program are young, inexperienced at the varsity level. So our major goal the first third of the season is to play the hardest teams we can find, throw those kids into the fire, and let’s see what happens. Get them some experience.

Q: What do you think will be some tough games this year?

A: Our first four are incredible. They’re not region, but the first four varsity games you’re going to see us play Glenn Academy, who made the quarter finals of the 4-A tournament last year. You’re going to see Savannah Christian, who made the semi-finals of the 2-A State Tournament last year. We’re going to play a team out of south Atlanta, who made the quarter finals in 4-A, and we’re going to play a 5-A team out of Cobb County and north Atlanta, that made the second round of the State Tournament last year. So our first four games are going to be killer, but we need to have those. As for in our region; as always BC and South Effingham will be tough.

Q: What are your goals for this season?

A: The goals of every year: get better as the season progresses, win the region games we’re supposed to win, and go to the State Tournament, and try to win it all.

Q: I’ve heard rumors that we’ll be moving up to 4-A soon, how do you think that would affect the soccer program?

A: Since the past four or five years we have played those teams, the 4-A teams the 5-A teams, and done very well against them. I don’t think you’ll see that much of a difference, because we already play 80% of those teams we would be facing if we move up, and we hold our own against them now, and do well against them now.- by Stephen Hundley

Class of ’09 gets rings

Excitement was in the air when RHHS Juniors received their class rings last Wednesday in a special ‘ring party’ put on by Herff Jones, the company selling the rings.

After a brief speech on the proper way to wear your ring, evidently with the school name facing you your junior year and facing away from you your senior year, the rings were distributed and thus began the long process of showing off the said jewelry.

Refreshments were provided as well as ample time for the students to prance about in their new bling. This strong, and shiny, high school tradition is alive and well at RHHS.

- by Stephen Hundley

Club of the Week

The National Honor Society, or NHS, club at RHHS is a fantastic group that gives students both the opportunity to serve their community, and many long-term perks. NHS is involved in numerous community volunteer works, and just recently hosted a babysitting night for the wives of deployed soldiers. While the prestigious group requires some impressive prerequisites to join, an A average, extensive volunteer experience, leadership experience, and extra-curricular involvement, NHS is something that looks absolutely stupendous on a college application. National Honor Society meets every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month and is always looking for new members. Interested students can fill out an application at the beginning of the school year.

Stephen says...

As a junior I know what it’s like to have to adjust to the sometimes intimidating world of high school. Going into 9th grade is something both greatly anticipated and feared, and not without just cause. Going from middle school to high school is a huge leap. The classes are harder, there are more people, the age difference is greater between the top and bottom of the totem pole, not to mention college, and the rest of your life, are closer than ever. So with all this pressure weighing down on you it’s important, not just for new high schoolers, but for everyone to have an out, a way or place to let off steam.

Luckily at RHHS we have enough different sports, clubs, and other extra-curricular activities to keep anyone busy. I feel it’s extremely important for students, especially new students, to be involved in said activities. Not only do they give you a chance to meet new people, and become more accustomed to the high school environment, but these days even transcripts with top notch academic records look pretty stark when not coupled with a rich extra-curricular career.

While the argument could be made that participating in clubs and sports after school takes up precious time that could be used for homework, studying, ect. I believe you could just as easily make the argument that giving students more things to juggle will prove to be a much better route as they would be forced to exercise time management skills. Which I’m sure will be invaluable once he or she gets to college.


- by Stephen Hundley

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