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The robot takeover is not all that bad
Not everything about the rapidly advancing developments in technology belongs in a sci-fi dystopian novel. - photo by JJ Feinauer
Robots may be well on their way to taking over the economy (depending on who you talk to, that could be considered a good thing) but according to Henry Evans, the rapidly advancing technology thats paved the way for a robotics takeover is getting a bad rap.

According to Evans, robotic technology is doing amazing things for those who are permanently bedridden. And he should know, since Evans has been immobile since he experienced a stroke in 2002.

It took me several years, Evans said during a Ted Talk he gave in 2013, but with the help of an incredibly supportive family, I finally decided life was still worth living."

According to his bio at, Evans is now quadriplegic and mute as a result of his stroke, but with the help of new technology he has been able to travel more than most could ever dream.

In the past year, he has visited Vermillion, South Dakota; Sydney, Australia; and Qusar, Azerbaijan, Teds Kate Torgovnick May wrote on May 7. According to May, Evans has been able to do this due to the use of "aerial drones" that act as what he calls body surrogates.

These surrogate technologies have also allowed Evans to perform menial tasks that many take for granted, but that Evans is no longer able to perform unassisted, such as opening the refrigerator and even shaving.

As part of his efforts to evangelize these new technological developments, Evans produced a video that discusses five new technologies that he believes will help the disabled experience the world again.

You can learn more about Evans and the technologies he discusses in the video at Teds website.
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