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Property transfers for July 6
house sale
Deeds and other documents relating to real estate are filed with the county clerks of court in Georgia.

Property transfers filed with the Bryan County Clerk of Courts through July 5 include:

Robert L. Smith to Alejandro Penaranda, 286 Teal Lake Drive, $138,100, July 3.

Choice Homes of Savannah, LLC to Darchelle Davis, 125 Mattie Belle Davis Street, $199,500, July 3.

Mungo Homes of Georgia, LLC to Erich C. Gipson and Ingrid E. Gipson, 32 Hazen Drive, $255,076, July 3.

Bradley Campbell to Virgil Van Dette, Jr., 337 Steele Wood Drive, $256,500, July 3.

James A. Reeves to Kevin Dwayne Brown and Alexandria D. Brown, as Joint Tenants with rights of survivorship, 85 Sue Ellen Lane, $256,900, July 3.

JVS Properties to The Topiary Group, 10200 Ford Avenue, $885,000, July 3.

Mark V. Hoxie to Reynolds-Warren Equipment Co., 180 Thunderbird Drive, Richmond Hill, $650,000, July 3.

John Kelly Nokes to Charles O’Meara, III and Claudia A. O’Meara, 54 Abercorn Lane, $465,000, July 3.

Pamela J. Morris to Jason Hill, 295 Zachary Trail, Ellabell, $140,000, June 26.

Barbara A. Antonelli to Jason Christopher Hill, 185 Zachary Trail, Ellabell, $148,000, June 26.

Keller Enterprises, LLC to Melvin G. Neeley and Marion C. Neeley, 95 Walker Court, $149,500, June 26.

Keller Enterprises, LLC to Donna H. Bocook, 65 Walker Court, Richmond Hill, $144,900, June 26.

JNO Investments, LLC to Justin M. Franze, 330 Wicklow Drive, $272,900, June 26.

K. Hovanian Homes at Creekside, LLC to Nischal B. Chand and Jesri R. Chand, 60 Gentry Way, $270,990, June 26.

K. Hovnanian Homes at Creekside, LLC to Zachary Kenton Schwatka and Kierstin Elizabeth Schwatka, 305 Smoke Rise Road, $272,538, June 26.

Lexicon Relocation, LLC to Travis Dewayne Ellis and Sarah E. Ellis, 294 Kingston Circle, $390,000, June 26.

Haley Nesmith f/k/a Haley Gean Bacon to Michael Brett Elswick, 155 Abigail Circle, $140,000, June 26.

Steven Matthew Price and Meaghan Marie Perry-Price to Joseph Tevathan and Vickie Trevathan, 30 Osgood Lane, $260,000, June 26.

Jed W. Warnock to Timothy Nathaniel Thomas, 45 Summer Hill Court, $199,000, June 26.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Vicki D. Griffin, 88 Saddlebrush Road, Ellabelle, $209,000, June 26.

JNO Investments to Duane K. Mayeda and Cheryl E. Mayeda, 385 Wicklow Drive, $305,150, June 26.

Matthew H. Vining to Amanda Chaves and Johnathan Logan, 41 Harbour Lane, $270,000, June 26.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah to Joseph L. Dupree, III, 4 Broken Bit Road, Ellabell, $203,297, June 26.

Grant Wyffles to Erin McCray and Kristan McCray, 8 Dunnyveg Road, Richmond Hill, $285,000, June 26.

Leanne Ellen Brindle to Raymond S. Tanner, Jr. and Andrea L. Tanner, 22699 Hwy 144, $412,000, June 26.

Sinkhole, LLC to Essie Mae Grant, 390 Creekside Circle, $129,900, June 26.

Horizon Home Builders of Savannah, LLC to Jeremy Blaine De Peyster and Rachael Marie De Peyster, 225 Wicklow Drive, $281,685, June 26.

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