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News launching magazine for homebuilders
Home Builders Showcase cover
The spring Richmond Hill Homebuilders Showcase will be out on June 4.

The Bryan County News announces the launch of a new magazine, Richmond Hill Home Builders Showcase.

The beautiful, full-color magazine is designed to provide timely information for those interested in building a home in Bryan County. It features profiles of prominent local builders as well as informative articles tailored specifically to those in the industry.

“With the continued growth of Richmond Hill, we saw a need for a magazine that can help make the homebuilding process easier for those looking to build in our area,” said Mark Griffin, publisher of Home Builders Showcase. “It provides useful information for anyone considering building a home, as well as a great opportunity for area builders to showcase their homes and companies.”

The magazine contains information on area subdivisions with available lots and a detailed map of South Bryan County subdivisions. It also features relevant articles on topics such as the current real-estate market in Richmond Hill, how to choose a mortgage lender, expert advice on designing the interior of a new home and more.

“Having built a home in Richmond Hill five years ago, I understand how overwhelming the process can be for many. We wanted to create a magazine to help answer questions that anyone building a home will face,” said Penny Gregory, editor of Home Builders Showcase. “With information on local builders and articles that provide advice on different stages of the homebuilding process, Home Builders Showcase will be a great resource for anyone planning to build a home in Richmond Hill.”  

The spring 2015 edition of Richmond Hill Home Builders Showcase will be distributed to all Bryan County News subscribers June 4. It will also be available free of charge at Richmond Hill-area Realtors’ offices, the Chamber of Commerce office, the Welcome Center at Fort Stewart, the Board of Realtors’ office in Savannah, and medical and professional offices in South Bryan County. Find Richmond Hill Home Builders Showcase online at

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