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Everyone is working more hours, but also watching more TV and sleeping
A recent study found people worked an average of 10 more minutes every day in 2014 than the year before, but also found more time to sleep and watch more TV. - photo by Mandy Morgan
Even though Americans claim to be some of the busiest people on the planet, they somehow found time to add 10 minutes to their average workday in 2014, according to the most recent American Time Use Survey report by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The average amount of time put in for work among employed Americans was 7 hours, 45 minutes per workday, going up 10 minutes from 2013.

Along with working more on average, 23 percent of people worked from home in 2014. The survey found that "educated, slightly older workers were more likely to work at home than the population at large," CBS News reported.

Americans also found time to sleep more and watch more television, the survey found. On an average day, Americans spend 5 hours, 18 minutes taking part in leisure activities and sports, which includes 2 hours, 49 minutes of television time, three minutes more than in 2013.

"While Americans like to complain about having not enough hours in the day, that might be more of a perception issue than reality. After all, even after taking care of kids, housework, volunteering and making dinner, Americans still have time to spend almost three hours watching TV each day," wrote CBS.

The fact Americans are spending more time with the television year after year is not convincing any experts they don't have enough time for anything besides work.

"That stands in contrast to the idea that people are living busier and more frantic lives," University of Maryland sociologist John P. Robinson told the Wall Street Journal. "If you've got time to watch television, I think you've got time."

Sleep was still the most time-consuming daily activity last year, with an average of 8 hours and 48 minutes a night, up four minutes from 2013.

The National Time Use Survey data was based on interviews with 11,600 people over the age of 15, all whom were asked what they did during a recent 24-hour period of time.

Another recent study by health tracking device manufacturer Withings found the average times Americans are falling asleep and waking up in every state. The national average times are 11:32 p.m. for bedtime and 7:22 a.m. for arising, an average of 7 hours and 50 minutes, reported Time.

Delaware is the state gets the least sleep, while Montanans are getting the most on average, with over eight hours a night, wrote Time.
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