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Edsel the Elf here to brighten holidays
Look for Edsel the Elf, the Randy Bocook Real Estate team's newest employee, to pop up around Richmond Hill during the holiday season. - photo by Photo provided.

The Randy Bocook Real Estate team has announced the appointment of a new seasonal employee, Edsel the Elf, who will work with the company through Christmas Eve to spread joy in Richmond Hill and, potentially, cause a little mischief.

Randy Bocook said Edsel is part of the Elf on the Shelf family and has moved from the North Pole for a month as an ambassador for the real estate team. His responsibilities include showing up around the county to make people laugh and raise residents’ spirits.

Everyone is invited to look out for Edsel and capture his mischief, Bocook said. The elf’s appearances will be documented on Facebook (find Edsel Elf). There will be prizes awarded for people who catch Edsel when he is being naughty, and report sightings and submit photos to this Facebook page.

“We love the community spirit of the Richmond Hill area and wanted to have a little fun this holiday season,” Bocook said. “We know that families love the Elf on the Shelf and many people welcome these elves into their homes at this time of year. We hope that Edsel the Elf (named after Edsel Drive where our office is located and where he will be residing during his time in Richmond Hill) makes people smile and spreads holiday cheer this year.”

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