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Bryan County Sheriff's Office blotter for Sept. 6
BCN Sheriff;s blotter

Found property: A deputy was sent Monday to a boat ramp on Public Landing Road at the Bryan and Evans county line. “Upon arrival I made contact with the listed complainant who stated that while at the boat ramp he noticed a rifle leaning against a tree with nobody around,” the report said. “I took possession of the rifle and noticed that no serial number was printed on the firearm, and was unable to check if the firearm was stolen.”

The rifle was taken to BCSO for safekeeping.

Obstruction, disorderly conduct: Deputies responding to a call of a possible domestic at a camper in Pembroke around 3 p.m. Aug. 30 ran into a woman who “seemed to be in a hostile mood,” according to a report.

Her husband said she had taken a crowbar and “busted out the door window because she had asked him fro some money,” he told deputies. “(he) gave her $120, but that was not enough for her, she wanted all the money he had in his wallet.”

The man said he tried to hide his wallet and she hit him with the crow bar.

Deputies noted the man had scratches on his arms, neck and chest “which appeared to be from fingernails,” and tried to talk to his wife, “and as soon as she opened the door she got very hostile ….”

The woman then “called me Steve and stated that I was a meth-smoking (bleep), pulled her bottom teeth out of her mouth lunging towards me, and spit at me,” the reporting deputy wrote.

The woman kept fighting until she was put into a patrol car and taken to jail, the report said.

Revoked license: On the afternoon of Aug. 30, a convenience store clerk at the corner of highways 80 and 280 reported that “a white male subject on a moped was possibly high on drugs.”

When deputies arrived, the clerk pointed out the man, who had just left the store and was headed west on 80.

“After catching up with the subject on the moped, I followed him for a short distance before conducting a traffic stop at the intersection of Highway 80 and Warnell Farm Road,” the report said.

Long story short, the deputy said the man didn’t appear to be high. But his license had been revoked. He was arrested and his moped was towed.

Kidnapping: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address earlier this month where a boy said someone tried to kidnap him at gunpoint.

“The victim said he had taken his cousin home using his grandfather’s golf cart and on the way back he stopped to take a leak behind a junk pile,” the report said. “He said when he was about half way done a man came out of nowhere and put a gun to the back of his head to shoot him if he did not do what he said.”

The boy described the man as tall and skinny, “dressed in a long sleeve black shirt, black pants, boots, black gloves wearing a black hood with no eye holes or hole for the nose or mouth, with a leather backpack that looked to be full of stuff, and a large black revolver that he could tell was loaded.”

The boy said the man told him to drive the golf cart “and if he didn’t he would blow his head off.”

The boy said the man got in the back and “he was told to go where the gun points or I will shoot you in the head.”

The boy said he drove through woods behind homes until the cart got stuck in a creek. “He said after it got stuck the man jumped off the golf cart and ran off.”

The boy and his grandfather led deputies to the golf cart “and we came across a pair of flip flops laying side by side on the path…” the report said, noting the boy said they were his and “he ran out of them while heading home.”

A search of the area came up empty. The grandfather was given a case number.

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill woman called BCSO on Aug. 22 to report “strange plants growing in (her) yard.”

The deputy’s report said “upon arrival I spoke with the complainant … she advised me that strange plants are growing in her yard and (she) believes that someone is throwing the seed in her yard. I observed the plant she was speaking of that were throughout her yard and neighbors’ yards. I advised (her) that the plants were a weed commonly found in the area, and advised her with the amount of rain that we have had it is common for this to occur.”

The woman didn’t buy it, the deputy wrote. “(She) was in disbelief that this was the case, and was not convinced that this was natural. (She) advised me that someone was trying to work her to death ….”

The deputy told the woman “that if she was concerned about the weeds that Home Depot’s lawn and garden section could advise on the best solution to remove them.”

Matter of record: A Chastain Circle man called BCSO on Monday because “he was cutting his grass and noticed a large sink hole in his lawn close to the road. (He) stated the sink hole was around one of the drainage pipes in his neighborhood. (He) stated after he contacted law enforcement his wife emailed the HOA.”

Matter of record: On Aug. 24 deputies went to a Brown Road address because a man said “his wife … hit him in the face with a frying pan that morning,” according to a report.

“(The man) said he was afraid of his wife and he wanted me to talk to her,” a deputy wrote. “(She) stated she did not hit him at all; however, (she) said (her husband) would not leave her alone and let her go to sleep.”

The husband didn’t appear to have been hit “at all,” and he agreed to sleep on the couch and leave his wife alone.

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