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BCSO reports: Woman hits bull on Olive Branch Road
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

Vehicle crash: Bryan County Deputies were sent to an Olive Branch Road address around 9:54 p.m.June 22 “in reference to a single vehicle crash with a bull.”

The victim said she was headed south on Olive Branch Road when “a black bull ran into the roadway and in front of her vehicle. (She) was unable to stop in time and struck the bull.”

The woman said neither she nor her infant daughter were hurt. The vehicle “had disabling damage to the front passenger’s side of the vehicle.”

The woman and her boyfriend, the owner of the vehicle, got hold of an employee “at the cattle farm from which the bull escaped,” who in turn called the owner, and he came to the scene and spoke with the woman and they decided to handle the matter without involving their insurance companies.

The man’s bull, however, “expired at the scene,” and his employees removed it from the side of the road. The car was towed by a wrecker.

Elder self-neglect: A deputy was sent to a Mack English Road address around 10:30 a.m. June 20 to do a “welfare check on an elderly white male.” What he found appalled him, the report said.

“I observed large quantity of household trash covering the front porch, (there was) nowhere to walk except to walk on this trash.”

The deputy saw the man sitting in the front room, but he didn’t respond to calls. “I then observed him to move and then look up at me, his appearance was appalling his clothing was very unclean along with his personal hygiene, the smell about his person and his residence was putrid. I observed nothing but trash inside his residence, I could not identify the floor because of the trash. I had to exit the residence so I could breath and prevent myself from throwing up.”

The deputy noted the man appeared to have a head injury and his “mental health:” was unstable.

The deputy called EMS, and when they got their the man refused treatment. The deputy then reported the man to DEFACS Adult Protective Service, who told him a case of self neglect had been activated and “he will be assigned a caseworker to investigate.”

The deputy wrote that he didn’t believe the man can take care of himself “and if he continues to stay at this location he will soon expire.”

The deputy also contacted Public Health to look into the conditions in the man’s home.

Theft: An employee of the Global Fertilizing Company reported June 24 that “over the weekend four commercial batteries, valuing $1,000, were stolen out of his heavy equipment parked on the railroad tracks ….”

The man said they discovered the locks to compartments the batteries were stored in cut and batteries missing when they got to work Monday.

Verbal dispute: A Daniel Siding Road man went to BCSO on June 24 to tell deputies of “an on-going domestic dispute.” The man said the night before his mother’s boyfriend “came at him with a fire poker,” and showed the deputy a video, “but (the deputy) did not observe anybody with a fire poker in their possession,” a deputy reported. “(He) did observe (the man’s mother) throwing bottles which appeared to be shampoo bottles or lotion bottles.”

The complainant was asked why he didn’t call 911 the night before, and he said it was “complicated,” because his mother’s boyfriend pays the bills.

The man “stated that he was not worried about (his mother’s boyfriend) but came to file a report after his therapist urged him to do so.”

He was given a case number and told to contact BCSO if it happens again.

Damage to property: A deputy responded to a Lee Road address on June 24 regarding a man who said a woman damaged a 2004 Cadillac he tried to sell her on Craigslist, or something. The man said he allowed the woman, who he met at the Kroger in Berwick, to take the car on a test drive and she claimed it broke down while she was driving. She left the car where it was and sent him the location. When he got there, he saw damage to the passenger side, and so did the deputy. He ran the VIN and found it was registered.

Suicide attempt: Deputies were sent June 25 to an Ellabell address regarding a man “with a shotgun to his head possibly attempting suicide.” The complainant said the man stays in a camper on his property, and was partying outside when he got into an argument with his fiancée and got the shotgun. She said he shot inside the RV once and she left. The complainant said the man put the shotgun to his chin and came to his door, but he told the man “to leave his residence that he had his children inside and his wife,” and the man went back to his camper.

Deputies saw a man inside, “and believed to have seen the barrel of a shotgun.” Another deputy came, and then they were told “and advised that another complainant called and observed (the man) walking in the Ellabell Methodist Church Cemetery walking towards Highway 204.”

Deputies then went to the cemetery, but couldn’t find the man. They went back to his camper, but couldn’t find him again. They told the complainant to call back if the man returned.

Unruly inmate: Deputies reported June 24 they went to Bryan County Jail “in regards to a report of an unruly inmate.”

By the time deputies arrived, two inmates involved in a fight had been separated and authorities “had secured the remainder of inmates in the cell block and (were) assessing the injured inmate …,” who was “bleeding from a gash on his cheek and one small cut or gash on the back of his head.”

Deputies then moved the “aggressor” to a rubber room while the injured inmate said the dispute was “over an ‘A’ symbol on Cell 313 that (the aggressor inmate) identified and confronted him over the symbol (as one) used by Aryan Brotherhood or similar white supremacist group. (The injured inmate) stated that when he refused to clean the symbol (the aggressor inmate) demanded the two return to the room to fight to settle the dispute.”

The injured inmate said he thought he’d been hit with some “form of sharp object or shank that caused the two wounds,” and he was taken to St. Joseph’s by EMS for treatment, and then brought back. There’s video of the fight and other evidence, but the report said it’s up to the jail administrator whether to press charges.

Entering Auto: A Wolfe Pen Island Road, Ellabell man reported June 21 his gun was stolen. The man said he believes his Ruger LCP .380 was stolen out of his pickup when he went to the Zip N on Highway 204 “about two weeks ago.”

“He said he went to the store and when he went to get out of his truck he took the handgun from his pocket and tossed it on the floorboard in the center and went inside,” the report said. “He said he never locks his truck and when he got back in the truck he does not remember seeing it but he was not really thinking about it at the time. He said since then he has attempted to look for it but was unsuccessful in locating it.”

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