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BCSO reports: Wife says ex-husband may have shot hole in son's AC
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

Criminal damage to property: A Polk Road, Ellabell woman reported July 21 she got home to find the air conditioner wasn’t working.

“The complainant stated that upon checking out the unit, it was discovered that someone had shot the A/C unit, causing all the Freon to leak out of the unit, and possibly caused other unknown damages to the unit,” a report said.

There were security cameras on the outside of the home, but they didn’t show anything.

The woman told deputies she was going through a “bad divorce” and her “soon to be ex-husband,” may have shot the A/C, but she couldn’t prove it.

The woman said the home belonged to her son, but she also lived there.

Criminal trespass: A Dashers Landing Road, Ellabell man reported July 22 he got into an argument with his brother about his child being with an ex girlfriend while the brother was babysitting.

“(The brother) then came onto (the complainant’s property) with his vehicle and did several doughnuts in his driveway, throwing rocks into his yard and hitting the house.”

The brother was issued a criminal trespass notice. 

Battery, etc: A Queens Way, Ellabell man was arrested July 22 after he reportedly jabbed a woman in the face with a metal pole, then refused to let her leave. “The victim warned deputies that (the suspect) told her that he wasn’t concerned about us and that we would not do anything to him because he had trained all of us.”

The woman, who had visible injuries, also said she was worried about a babysitter still at the house with the man, “because of his violence.”

Deputies talked to the man and the babysitter.

The man claimed that he’d let the “’crackhead’” woman stay after she “was released from prison and asked for his help. He said that (the victim) had only been there for a few hours, when she nutted up and wanted to leave.”

The man claimed he was trying to stop her from leaving when she attacked him, and showed deputies “a finger that had a small cut on it, and said that she bit him. He also said his face should be bleeding,” a deputy reported, but he wasn’t.

The man was arrested, and once he was put in handcuffs he began screaming obscenities at deputies “and said that I needed to hurry up and get his (bleep) to Pembroke,” the report said. “While on the way to the jail (the man) began kicking the door and the partition behind me over and over again, yelling and continuously calling me vulgar names.”

At one point, the man demanded the reporting deputy turn the radio up, the deputy refused and the man “acted out even worse.”

The man “continued his beating and name calling to the jailers as well,” the report said.

Theft: An Edward Smith Road, Ellabell man reported July 20 that two days earlier “he noticed that his Everstar portable air conditioner as missing,” a report said. “The unit was located on the porch of the residence, not installed.”

The man said his neighbor has security cameras in his yard, but the deputies were unable to contact him.

They did get a serial number.

Disorderly conduct, obstruction, drunkenness, etc; Deputies were called to a Clarktown Road driveway around 8:30 p.m. July 19 due to two separate calls from complainants. A deputy showed up and “spoke with both complainants and it seemed as if the whole family was out by the road,” a report said. “(Reporting deputy) was advised of a white female with a red shirt and green pants was in the yards yelling and using foul language wanting to fight everyone constantly throughout the day and was back at it again tonight. This was called in two other times during the day ….”

After talking to the complainants, the deputy “heard the female hollering foul language down the road a piece ….” The deputy “went down Clarktown Road about 20 yards and the female was standing in the middle of Clarktown Road in the dark and no light hollering.” He asked her who she was and it went downhill from there, with the woman cussing the deputy and trying to “out maneuver (the deputy) but she wasn’t fast enough.” The woman, who gave a Ludowici address, was eventually put in handcuffs and EMS was called, and the report said after twice giving deputies false names the woman supplied her identity and consented to be taken to a hospital for a voluntary evaluation, but changed her mind. She was arrested and taken to Bryan County Jail.

Possible overdose: Deputies were sent to a Harden Road, Richmond Hill address around 11 p.m. July 20 “reference possible overdose of Xanax by a male juvenile.” That teen was up and talking with EMS when deputies arrived. Another teen “was staying the night and witnessed the possible overdose of 8 Xanax pills by his friend.”

“Juvenile #2 also stated juvenile #1 bought the Xanax from a guy … possibly in a gang named “Crips’ earlier in the day ….”

The teen was taken by EMS to St. Joseph’s.

Theft: A Kerry Drive, Richmond Hill woman reported July 20 “an elderly lady driving a red in color SUV .. stole a watch from her yard sale at her property.” The woman told the deputy she got the watch back “and then the lady left the area. Deputies were unable to locate the subject.”

Scam: Here’s one that turned out the right way. A Richmond Hill man reported July 19 it started when he got a phone call from his elderly mother, who told him she had just gotten a call from her granddaughter claiming she was in a bad accident and charged with DUI and more. “The female explained to his mother that she sustained a broken nose from the accident, explaining the reason she did not sound familiar.”

The man said his mother was “very emotional because she lived in an assisted living home and was on a fixed income,” the report said.

The son said he’d help he if he could, and then got a call from a woman who said she was his niece “and began explaining that she was returning home from a wedding ceremony in Wisconsin when he got into an accident. The female stated that the driver of the other vehicle was pregnant and could possibly be charged with vehicular homicide if the driver miscarries due to the accident,” the report said.

The woman then said she was being taken back to her cell and hung up. The man said he then called the number back and “a male answered and identified himself as (a bail bondsman,” and told him bail was set at $7,000. The man said he couldn’t afford that and they told him to send $3,000 by putting $1,500 in separate envelopes and sending it by FedEx to a Rock Hill, S.C., address.

The man said he did that, but “after sending the package as instructed he got suspicious of the drop off address being in SC since the incident took place back in Wisconsin,” and called his niece’s number.

“(The man) stated (his niece) sounded confused and stated she was home and had been all day with her husband in Detroit.”

The man called FedEx to stop the shipment and was able to get his money back. He also called Rock Hill police to report the address given to him as a drop off for the package.

Criminal trespass: A Misty Drive, Richmond Hill woman reported July 18 she “received threatening messages from (another woman) that stated she intended to fight her over a vape device that belonged to (the other woman) and was in (the complainant’s) possession.”The complainant said she’d been trying to “make arrangements with (the woman) to return the vape device, however they have been unsuccessful in meeting,” and then showed the deputy her cell phone which “showed an exchange of vulgar messages and threats from (the woman) directed towards her.”

The deputy told the complainant and her father to call 911 if the woman “came to the residence with intentions to fight.”

Thirty minute later, Bryan County 911 got a call from the complainant “stating that (the woman) was at the residence banging on the door, screaming and consistently ringing the doorbell.” Dispatcher said they heard what they thought was the woman “screaming, ringing the doorbell and banging on the door in the background.”

The woman tried to force her way in, 911 was told, then drove off in a Mercedes. The deputy saw it, pulled it over and talked to the woman, who said she wanted to fight the complainant but didn’t try to force her way inside.

The woman got her property back. She was told to stay away.

And, as the deputy was writing the report, he got a message from the complainant’s mother that showed the woman was posting threats on social media.

Pornography: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address July 16 because of threats to a man’s 14-year-old daughter by a 15-year old.

The man said his daughter came back from a trip with her older sister and seemed troubled, and eventually told him she’d been talking with the 15-year-old who’d threatened to kill her if she didn’t send him nude photos of her. The teen’s father said she sent the photos and now he’s threatening to share them with others.

The teen told the deputy the boy sent the photos to others, and that he’d taken nude photos of her 13-year-old friend and sent them to others as well.

The case is under investigation.

Fraud: A Mill Hill Road, Richmond Hill couple reported July 17 fraud associated with their checking account and a Coinbase account, an online service. The couple said they opened the account using their checking account, made a purchase and then canceled it. They then got a text about the cancellation from the seller, and when they didn’t reply “the seller then started sending threatening text messages. The text advised that (the seller) would kill (the man’s wife) and harass his children. The texts also included his children’s names.”

The man said he then noticed money from his checking account had been deposited into Coinbase without his authorization.

The man contacted Coinbase and they froze his account, but he then saw his checking account had been compromised to another account. The couple shut everything down connected with the fraud and gave BCSO info on the suspect.

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