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BCSO reports: Man tries to put out invisible fire
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office reports:

 DUI: A deputy was sent to a Pevey Road, Ellabell address around 3:30 p.m. Aug. 10 regarding property damage. There, the complainant said “a Ford Mustang used the water hose, the driver was acting erratic, and then backed his car into the camper located on the property. The driver then left the scene,” a report said, and continued: “Deputies were able to locate the vehicle and perform a uniformed traffic stop on Frank Hendry Road. The driver exited the vehicle and was yelling that his car was on fire. 

Deputies advised the driver (identified as a Florida man) to back away from the vehicle. Deputies could not locate any source of fire or smoke in the vehicle. The vehicle, however, was full of water on the inside. (The driver) advised that he used the hose at a residence to put out the ‘fire’ that was inside his vehicle.

Deputies asked (the man) when was the last time he used any type of illegal drug, which he advised he used meth recently and smoked marijuana on this day.” The man was identified by the complainant, who didn’t want to press charges.

“Deputies went back to Frank Hendry,” the report continued. “During the transport, (the man) began screaming that the patrol car was on fire and that he needed water to put it out.

(He) also began complaining of neck pain unrelated to the traffic stop. EMS was requested by (the man).”

The man was told he’d be cited for DUI drugs. His vehicle was towed. He was taken to Memorial by EMS “to be evaluated for his neck pain,” the report said.

Aggravated assault: Deputies at a South Bryan address found a man standing in the road and a woman on the front porch with “tool boxes and several pieces of men’s clothing scattered along the ground near the front porch.” The man said he and the woman had recently “got back together,” and while he was taking a shower he saw her going through his phone.

“(The woman) asked him about another female in his phone. He explained to (her) that he spoke to her three weeks ago while they were separated. (He) advised (she) became angry and attempted to stab him in the neck with a crochet needle.”

The man said he was able to get the crochet needle from his girlfriend and lock her outside. She got back in by busting a window, then told the deputy “I did these things because I know the law and if anyone wants to throw hands then I will throw hands,” the report said.

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