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BCSO reports: Man arrested peacefully after threatening shootout
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From Bryan County Sheriff's Office reports:

Aggravated assault, obstruction, etc; A 20-year-old Ellabell man was arrested Oct. 15 on multiple charges after deputies were sent to an address because he had threatened to commit suicide by making the “police shoot him because he was going to get into a shoot out with the deputies.”
Deputies got there and found there “was a female in the house with him,” and could hear a man inside talking. When they got inside they found the woman upstairs locked in a bedroom. The man had gone outside and was spotted laying in the woods. Deputies kept him covered with a taser until he was “handcuffed without incident.” The man had injuries to his face from a previous fight and EMS was called to check him out before he was taken to jail.

 Matter of record: A deputy was sent to an Ellabell address Friday regarding a family member from Louisiana showing up unexpectedly.

The report said the woman, a “bipolar schizophrenic,” had been missing from her home in Louisiana since 4 Nov. 2020 (that’s the date in the report),” and the complainants said they hadn’t seen her “in at least 20 years.”
The woman told the deputy she left her home because people were “trying to kill her, hiding in her closet, and making threats to kill her family members and tracking her whereabouts.”

The complainants called the woman’s sister while the deputy was there and she began making arrangements to come get her. She also said she wanted the woman checked by medical personnel. EMS was called and the woman “willingly went with EMS to St. Joseph’s hospital for evaluation,” the report said.

Dispatchers checked to see if the woman was still listed as missing and she wasn’t, however “the victim had apparently been stopped by law enforcement in North Carolina and removed from the system as missing.”
Her vehicle and her keys were left with the complainants at the woman’s request, the report said.

 Shoplifting: A deputy was sent to the Ellabell Dollar General on Oct. 15 regarding a woman “who picked up several items and then stood in line to pay,” then left without paying.

A store manager said “the line was long and there was only one cashier working at that time. She advised (the woman) became irritated with the wait and began cussing with the cashier. She then exited the store with merchandise in hands that was never purchased.”

The deputy saw video of the woman leaving the store with the unpurchased items. What’s more, the manager gave the deputy the woman’s name because she was a frequent customer.

“Warrants to follow,” the report said.

 Matter of record: Deputies were sent Oct. 18 to a Highway 119 north address due to “suspicious circumstances,” and there met with the complainant.

“(He) stated sometime between the hours of 0200 and 0600 this date, an unknown suspect stepped on the water spigot and took hold of the decorative plastic exterior shutter above the water spigot. The spigot was broken off the PVC pipe and the shutter pulled off the exterior of the residence. (He) did not hear anything and only discovered the damage when he realized there was no water in the toilet bowl. (He) requested this incident be documented and requested extra patrol.”

There was no evidence at the scene, the report said.

 Abandoned animals: Deputies responded to a Sadies Kitchen Road address Oct. 18 regarding animals that had been abandoned and were starving, and some were already dead. Deputies checked the mobile home and saw it had been cleared out and water and power turned off. A deputy “examined the pens which contained 4 goats, 9 ducks and 6 chickens, there were 5 dead chickens in the pen. None of the animals had water or food.”

The report said the complainant is taking care of the animals until they find people to take them.

 Misuse of government services: A deputy was sent Oct. 17 to an Ellabell address where Bryan County EMS paramedics who “advised this was their fifth time today being dispatched to the above address to give the offender a breathing treatment,” a report said. “EMS stated this offender has her medication and means to give herself a breathing treatment however calls the EMS to assister her.” They said their battalion chief told them to call in and have a report made, and they may have adult protective services “involved with this offender.” The offender listed is a 59-year-old.

A separate report filed Oct. 17 said a deputy was dispatched to the address due to a “person with a nose bleed.” There he met with EMS, who said “there have been several calls to this residence and the victim has always refused to be transported.”

 Pedestrian under the influence: Deputies were sent to a Richmond Hill address shortly before midnight Oct. 7 “in reference to a call of a crisis line call stating a male wanted to leave the residence.” There, they met with a man who said he wanted to leave because “his wife thinks he is an alcoholic and wanted to place him into treatment.” 

The man said he’d had three 24 ounce beers, but “he was calm and seemed to be coherent.”

Then they met the man’s wife.  

“(She) walked into the living room unsteady on her feet,” her speech was slurred and after the deputy tried to explain “the process of an involuntary commitment order” the woman “kept speaking over me saying she was a Trump supporter.” 

And then, after other deputies showed up, the woman got mad at one of them and called him a “Biden bitch and that he was profiling her and several other derogatory names.”  

Things escalated a bit from there, with the woman “yelling and cussing and telling us to get off her land,” the report said, then went inside and came back out with a phone in her hand, “stating she was recording us. Deputies stated this was fine, but stay in her yard and do not come into the street or she would be arrested. (She) warrested. s given this warning several times.” 

“A short time later, (she) came into the street and started to be loud and taunting deputies,” and she was arrested. During that process, “(she) kneed (a deputy) several times in his legs and had to be taken to the ground for control.”
The woman eventually calmed down and was given a band aid for a cut she suffered during the fracas.  While she was taken to Bryan County Jail the husband “stated he would stay at the residence, with their juvenile daughter.” 

 Terroristic threats: A man reported Oct. 8 that he’d “been talking to a female on Facebook for a couple of months. Complainant stated she started asking him for money and when he refused her, she and her friend began texting him threats that stated they were going to kill him.” The man didn’t have much info on the women.  

 Peeping Tom: A deputy was sent to a Boxwood Drive, Ellabell address around 11 p.m.  Oct. 7 regarding a man who’d “been staring in the kitchen windows of the residence and trying to crawl under the house.”

The complainant knew who the man was, and after she confronted him “he began banging on the front door demanding she open it so he could give her a key to a camper.” The woman said she then heard what sounded like the man trying to get under the house, so deputies were called, and one was told “there was no reason (the suspect) should have had a key to the camper  in the front yard.”
Deputies talked  to the man, who said “that he was the ‘security’ for the trailers in the area.” He was told to stay away from the home.  

The suspect was later arrested after being told to leave more than once. He also allegedly threatened the people in the home by threatening to burn it down, a separate report said, noting the man also had “repeatedly came onto the property peering into (windows of the rooms of children who lived there),” as well as showing up demanding rides, etc. 

The man was charged with terroristic threats and actions, maintaining a disorderly house and obstruction. 

 Shoplifting: A deputy spoke with the clerk of an unidentified store on Oct. 11 in Ellabell who said “a white female in her 60s came into the store and took three beers without paying for them. The white female is a regular customer in the store and was wearing a white jacket with blue jeans, shoulder length hair gray in color and when she left the store she was walking towards the post office.”

The deputy reported he “went through the trailer park next to the gym to see if he could see the female, but had no contact.” 

 Tailgating, DUI: A deputy reported he was driving slowly on  Fort McAllister Road shortly before 8:30 p.m. Oct. 5 to look for an address when he noticed a vehicle approach “rapidly” from the rear, then “the vehicle  continued to follow behind (his patrol car) at a very close distance …”

The deputy said this went on about 100 feet before he pulled over and nearly got hit by the man as he passed by. The deputy conducted a traffic stop and met the man, who “stated he didn’t realize he was following close and that he was just trying to get home.”  

The man also blew a .142 on a preliminary breath test, the report said, then blew a .167 at the station.  




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