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BCSO reports: DUI bust after ‘scraping noise’
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s reports: 

DUI: A Richmond Hill man was arrested for DUI not long after deputies saw him stop his Lexus around 2:40 a.m. April 26 at the intersection of Belfast Keller Road and Great Ogeechee Parkway. The man got out, walked around his car and then took off again, and as he drove past a deputy the deputy “heard what sounded like a construction barrel scraping on the road surface as if one was caught under the vehicle.”

The deputy pulled the driver over to see what was making the noise and noticed the car had two flat tires but the man had hit a curb at the new roundabout on Exit 82 and was just trying to make it home. He also admitted to having been drinking.

Suspicious activity: A Richmond Hill man reported April 23 someone drove past his house and parked two doors down, then a man got out of the vehicle “and began sprinting towards his home and up his driveway.”

The complainant said he just happened to step outside of his house when this happened, and when the man saw him “he then ran back to his car and stood outside the vehicle while looking at (the complainant),” so the complainant asked the man what he “was going to do,” and the man didn’t answer and instead drove off.

The incident was captured by the complainant’s security camera. The deputy said he’d look for the man and told the complainant to secure his vehicles.

DUI: Deputies and Bryan County Fire and Emergency Services first responders were sent out to I-16 around 4:30 a.m. April 24 to try and find a black pickup that had been reported running off into the woods. They came up empty, but then were told a few minutes later the pickup was at the Love’s T truck stop at the Highway 280 exit.

A deputy got there in time to see the man get out of the pickup and stumble, and an employee helped the man walk into the store. The pickup had North Carolina plates and front end damage, and it seemed the man had recently vomited inside.

The complainant, meanwhile, told deputies he first called 911 on the pickup in Chatham County “when he observed the driver hit a concrete barrier in the construction zone on I-16 near I-95.”

The driver, meanwhile, had tried to order a hotdog and pay for it with his New York driver’s license, which he later gave to deputies. The man was arrested after refusing a blood test.

DUI: A North Bryan woman was arrested April 24 for DUI and open container after deputies were dispatched to Porterfield Road regarding a reckless driver. When stopped and asked for a license, the woman “submitted 3 debit cards before being asked to exit her vehicle.”

She refused, and had to be helped out, the report said, adding that the 41-year-old smelled strongly of alcohol and later “fell while attempting to get into the ambulance,” for a blood test.

Theft: Deputies were sent to a North Bryan address on April 25 where a man reported his 9 millimeter handgun was stolen. The man said he took it April 18 to a cousin’s house to have it cleaned, and “has not seen the pistol since that time.” The man also said he “has not had the opportunity to ask his aunt if he left the pistol in her vehicle. (He) is unsure if it was stolen from his residence or the yard where he may have dropped it.”

The man got a case number and it was listed in law enforcement databases as stolen. The man later called back and said he found his pistol.

Entering auto: A Richmond Hill couple reported April 25 a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver was stolen from the wife’s vehicle. It was fully loaded. They said the last time the gun was seen was April 23 and the vehicle hadn’t been moved all weekend.

Property removal: A 61-year-old Richmond Hill woman reported April 25 her ex-boyfriend hasn’t come to get his stuff off her mother’s property. The deputy told the woman to write a letter to the man and tell him he has 30 days to remove it, and if he doesn’t then she needed to go see the magistrate judge.

Matter of record: A man reported April 24 he was driving east the night before on I-16 near mile marker 143 in a heavy rain when “an unknown vehicle slammed into the rear of his vehicle,” and then kept going. There were no injuries.

Criminal trespass: Deputies were sent April 25 to an Eldora Road address in Ellabell regarding a man who had showed up and tried to get in the house. The man was there when deputies arrived and seemed to be under the influence of something, but denied being so.

The complainant said the man showed up and claimed he owned the property. He showed video footage of the man getting dropped off, then tried to get in the back door using a key. He also went through vehicles on the lot and then tried to remove a screen from a window before walking away.

After deputies saw the video, a woman stopped to admit she’d dropped the man off because “he convinced her his mother had just purchased the property.” The man was taken to jail.

In a separate report, the same man was reported to have gone up to a different Ellabell address and ask for the pickup he bought. The complainant said he didn’t sell his pickup and after they talked to the man got into a car and was driven away. Video of the incident showed it was the same man.

Aggravated assault, drugs, more: Deputies were sent April 24 to a gas station on Highway 204 where a man said another man pulled a gun on him. The complainant said he asked the man about money he owed the complainant’s mother when the gun was pulled.

The deputy saw video of the incident, which showed the man pull the gun, chamber a round and aim it at the complainant. The man then came back to the store and was confronted by deputies, who found a 9 millimeter handgun under the seat of his car as well as marijuana and drug paraphernalia. The man claimed to be only 17. He was arrested.

Assist other agency: A BCSO K-9 unit was asked to respond to an April 23 traffic stop on Highway 17 because the driver acted suspiciously. The K-9 found a small amount of pot but the driver wasn’t charged due to the small amount, the report said.

Matter of record: A Richmond Hill man reported April 25 he has a court order that requires he and one of his neighbors to stay 500 feet apart. “He said their kids came into his yard and they were staring toward his house,” a report said. “He said he did not want to go outside and he felt trapped because they were out there and not supposed to be near him or his family.”

The kids were gone when deputies arrived, so the deputies had a talk with the parents who said they would handle it.

Custody dispute: Deputies handled a custody dispute April 22 in South Bryan.

House fire: Deputies along with Bryan County Fire and Emergency Services responded April 22 to a fire on Harvey Drive. The homeowner said he was at home when he smelled something burning and realized it was inside his house. He got his children and pets out of the home. The fire damaged a portion of the home before it was extinguished by BCFES. The Red Cross was notified.

Criminal damage to property: A Richmond Hill woman reported April 22 she let her son drive her 2019 pickup on Bryan Fisherman’s Coop Road when it was shot by one of his friends with an airsoft gun. The teen told the deputy it was part of a “junior vs. senior” prank and he didn’t realize the pickup was damaged until he’d left. The mother didn’t want to press charges, she just wanted her son’s friend to pay for the damages.

Criminal trespass: A woman and her daughter reported April 23 a woman started knocking on the woman’s door trying to get into the house, and during her attempt threw things at the house. Deputies came and took the woman to her friend’s house. The next morning, the complainant noticed the woman left her purse at the home and broke a window with a flowerpot. The complainant told deputies she will press charges. Harassment: A Pooler man told deputies April 24 a Richmond Hill man was harassing him “due to a disagreement over landscaping.”

Pointing gun at another: A deputy was sent to a gas station on Highway 144 on April 24 because a teen reported he saw a man in a pickup point a weapon at the passenger in the pickup, then drive away headed east on 144. Deputies were unable to find the vehicle.

Reckless driving: An Ellabell man was charged with reckless driving after he was spotted driving like an idiot around 3 a.m. April 24. Witnesses saw the man hit a tree in their yard before driving his pickup away, and they then saw it at a trailer park off Highway 280. A deputy found the pickup still running and a man passed out behind the wheel. He woke up and told the deputy it had been at least an hour since his last drink and denied being in an accident or even being on the road in question.

The deputy “then walked him to the front of the truck, in which there was still branches stuck in the front and under carriage ….”

Matter of record: An unknown caller reported April 23 there was underage drinking at an Ellabell bar. Deputies checked and determined that was bogus. “It was determined that a patron had left angry because her boyfriend would not leave with her.”

At the same time a witness at the bar told the deputies he knew the subject of a shots fired call earlier that night.

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