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BCSO reports: Drunk threatens deputy
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

Public drunk: A deputy was sent to the TA Truck stop in Richmond Hill around 3:48 p.m. Feb. 2 regarding a drunk man causing a disturbance.

“This call was dispatched to Richmond Hill Police Department, they advised their response would be delayed,” the report said, but “employees called approximately 5 minutes later and advised the subject had just urinated in front of the business.”

The deputy was told to “handle until city units could clear up and respond,” so he did, finding “the subject described seated at an outdoor table next to Popeye’s Chicken and eating chicken from that establishment.”

The deputy reported he, “asked him what was going on and he just grunted,” and when asked if he’d just relieved himself in front of the truck stop the man said nothing.

“It was at this time (the deputy) detected the strong odor of alcoholic beverages coming from his breath,” and ordered the man to stand up and submit to a search. The deputy seized a knife, which led the man to threaten to kill him and respond to questions with profanity. The man had no ID. He was taken to Bryan County Jail, where he was fingerprinted, identified and booked for public drunk. Multiple charges: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address around noon Feb. 6 “in reference to an individual that was ‘tripping out’ on drugs.”

“It was further advised that the individual was destroying the house, attacking other residents and running around the residence naked.”

When deputies got there, they met the complainant, who said the man “has a serious addiction to methamphetamine and has recently been mixing methamphetamine with ‘bath salts,’ and was causing all kinds of problems in the house, including physically attacking (another resident) threatened to kill her and her pet, and worse. The man was naked all this time, witnesses said. He had pants on when deputies began talking to him, however, but was still wound up. Deputies had to threaten to taze him to get him under control and to jail. The other residents of the home “advised they live in constant fear of (the man) and his erratic unpredictable behavior.”

He faces several charges, including simple battery to cruelty to animals, child endangerment and terroristic threats.

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