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BCSO reports: Drugs, assaults, highlight this week's blotter
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From Bryan County Sheriff ’s Office reports:

Drugs: Callers told deputies a “known convicted felon had several weapons” and drugs and was in a black Camaro at a Parker’s on Highway 80 around 10 p.m. Dec. 19, “brandishing weapons and attempting to sell cocaine or methamphetamine near the gas pumps.”

Deputies pulled the car over on Highway 80 and found the man, who had a Pembroke address, driving with an Ellabell man in the passenger seat and an Ellabell woman in the back seat. After a search they turned up pot, meth “as well as 4 glass injection vials with trenbolone acetate labels and an additional injection vial with an unidentified viscous liquid as well as multiple hypodermic needles with one needle containing a liquid substance,” the report said. “In the back passenger area a glass pipe with white crystalline was discovered as well as a digital scale.”

The three folks were arrested on various drug charges, and the known convicted felon was also charged with no tag light, driving on a cancelled registration, driving with no insurance and DUI.

Damage to property: A Sweetgrass Lane, Richmond Hill, man reported Dec. 18 “that sometime today the moving company that is working at the residence across the street from his backed into his grass damaging it.”

The deputy saw the tire tracks, the driver of the moving truck said his supervisor told him to have the complainant call him, but the complainant said “he had already contacted the company and they were giving him the runaround,” the report said. Then the complainant called the supervisor, who got him connected with the claims dept. “so he could get his grass fixed.”

Simple assault: Deputies were called to a church on Daniel Siding Road around 11:35 p.m. Dec. 18 where they met with the complainant, a 31-year-old woman who said she was picking up stuff at her ex-boyfriend’s home, “in which she previously resided,” the report said, while her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend was there.

The ex-girlfriend said at one point “she made a derogatory comment towards “ her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, and “when this was done, (the new girlfriend) started saying secret things that should be only known between herself and (her ex boyfriend)” That led to a confrontation broken up by the ex-boyfriend, and the complainant said she then went inside her boyfriend’s room “to get an Xbox controller she bought,” and he threw it on the floor and told her to leave. The complainant then went to get her dog cage, and her ex boyfriend “’clotheslined her,’” she told deputies, and caused her to hit her head on the dog cage. The complainant said she then left and called 911 for EMS.

The deputy noted there were no signs of injury on the woman. The deputy then spoke to the ex boyfriend and his new girlfriend, and they said the complainant “became verbally and physically abusive,” to them and hit the new girlfriend, then ran into the house and locked herself in. When her ex boyfriend got her to unlock the door “at that time she threw an Xbox controller at him and slapped him in the face,” and then left.

Everybody was told how to get a warrant.

Assault: Deputies were sent to a Highway 280 address around 1 p.m. Dec. 15 after a man called for EMS “because he had been attacked and the suspects had left the area.”

The victim said his girlfriend and her two kids had been staying with him and his father for about two months and his father said the woman and her kids “had to get out of the house.”

The victim said he, the woman and her son and daughter were outside when he told her “that she and her kids had to collect their belongings and get out,” the report said. “A verbal argument ensued, then (the woman and her kids) started pushing on him. He started pushing back. He was knocked down on the ground.”

Then, the woman’s son “picked up an axle shaft from an ATV and started hitting him with it, while he was on the ground,” and the woman and her daughter “kicked him several times.”

The man said he was able to get up and get back in the house, and they left the area. The report said the man, who was pretty beat up and treated by EMS there, declined a ride to the hospital and didn’t want to prosecute. He just wanted the woman and her kids out of his father’s house, the report said.

Theft: A Strickland Road, Ellabell man reported Dec. 13 that someone “came onto his property and took three 5 gallon gas cans containing gas from under his carport.”

The man wanted a report made in case “there starts to be problems with items stolen in the neighborhood.”

Found property: A Pine Needle Drive, Ellabell man reported Dec. 15 he found a Beretta Px4 Storm pistol “with the serial number mostly scratched off,” in the grass at the end of its driveway. The man said he gets a lot of traffic because people drive their four-wheelers in the area. The gun was apparently loaded, because it came with a magazine with seven rounds inside. Deputies tried to ID the gun using “several variations of the available numbers and letters,” but had no luck.

DUI: Around 10:25 p.m. Dec. 14 a deputy patrolling Buckhead saw a car leave a driveway and “drive on the wrong side of the road for approximately 20 feet,” a report said. “The vehicle also made multiple stops on Laurenburg Drive where no stop signs were present,” and the deputy followed the car a while and saw it weaving, so he conducted a traffic stop.

The 68-year-old woman behind the wheel, who had a Statesboro address, smelled of alcohol and told the deputy she had two glasses of wine “the last of which she finished thirty minutes prior to the traffic stop.”

Since there was also a passenger in the back seat “who appeared to be intoxicated,” the deputy asked the woman to step outside to “get her away from the smell of the alcoholic beverage, to which she agreed.” But, once outside, the woman continued to smell of alcohol, and after unsuccessful attempts to get both a breath test and have her take a field sobriety test the woman was charged with DUI.

“While placing (her) under arrest, she attempted to walk away multiple times to talk to (another deputy),” and was eventually put into the back of the patrol car. “While reading Implied Consent (the woman) attempted to talk over me, and stated that she didn’t hear me (though I had raised my voice so that she could,” and to shut the door,” the deputy noted.

Deputies found a bottle of vodka in the car, most of it gone, and the woman was taken to jail. Her car was turned over to a friend.

Trespass: A Sims Road man reported Dec. 12 a man from the neighboring property “had come onto his property and hooked up a hose to his well.”

The “thin white male that had been living in the residence (at that address) had hooked up a hose to his well two weeks ago,” the complainant said, and he told him then not to do that “as the additional use may burnout his pump.” The complainant said the man agreed and so “he then wrapped up the hose and returned it to the subject,” and that was that.

Except it wasn’t, because the complainant said his tenant “advised that the neighbor’s hose had been attached to the well again,” so the complainant wanted the deputy to talk to the neighbor and fix things.

The thin white male said his aunt owned the property but he’s been living there. He claimed he hadn’t been using the well since he was asked not to, but he was asked to ID the hose on the well and admitted it was his. “He then gathered the hose and put it away,” and was told by the deputy he’d be charged “if it is found that his hose is attached to the (complainant’s) well again.”

Matter of record: A deputy met with a supervisor Dec, 12 at a North Bryan place of employment because some of the employees had overheard one of their coworkers “talk about shooting up people,” according to a report.

The deputy was familiar with the man, and had seen “some odd behavior and heard some strange stories and such (from the man) in the recent past.”

The employees told the deputy the man was “talking off the wall and talking about shooting people who had not paid their taxes. She said that much of what he was saying wasn’t making much sense, but that he was going to ride around here and there and shoot people that hadn’t paid their taxes.”

The supervisor said corporate wanted the man fired and the man said his mother was on the way to pick him up. The deputy told her why the man had been fired and that he wasn’t allowed back on the property. “She carried him home,” the report ended.

Theft: Deputies were sent to Bill Futch Road on Dec. 12 regarding the theft of a front bucket on a Kubota excavator. The complainant said he’d been clearing property and left the evening before and when he got back the bucket was missing. Deputies saw tire tracks, etc. “The front end (of the Kubota) was in the up position and (complainant) advised that he left it in the down position. It appeared that someone with a Kubota key, turned it on, raised the bucket, disconnected it and left the area.”

The man told deputies he’d move the rest of the equipment and asked for extra patrols.

Disorderly conduct: Deputies were dispatched to a Blitch Drive, Ellabell address, on Dec. 3 “in regards to a report of an estranged spouse making threats.”

There, they met with the husband, who said his wife “had arrived at the home and began threatening to have an entire biker gang come to the house and beat him up,” the report said.

While deputies were trying to talk to the man, his wife “exited the residence screaming ‘he’s lying he’s lying he’s lying.’” A deputy told the woman to stay back but she wouldn’t, and after a third attempt at getting her to quiet down the woman was arrested and put into a patrol car. The husband said “they have required deputies to the residence in the past for her behavior and she has threatened him multiple times.”

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