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BCSO reports: Dispute over yard work pay gets violent
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From Bryan County Sheriff’s Office Reports: 

Aggravated assault: The complainant, an Ellabell resident, reported on Jan. 26 that a man we’ll call Man A brought another man - to be known as Man B - over to his house in a vehicle, got out “with his hand in his pocket, and came to the complainant’s porch and called for the complainant to come outside."

The complainant said he did, and “(Man A) then asked him if he had a problem with (Man B),” and the complainant advised him ‘yes, (Man B) owes me $80 for yard work and I want my money.’” The complainant said Man A then told him to fight Man B, and the complainant said he wasn’t going to fight, he just wanted his money.

“The complainant stated (Man A) told him he ain’t getting no money, pulled a purple in color handgun, possibly a .25 caliber or .380 caliber semi-auto, from his pocket, and fired a round into the ground,” the report continued.

“The complainant stated that he then ran around the house with (Man A) chasing him, weapon in jhand, until he reached his neighbor’s house. The complainant stated that (Man A) then got back into his vehicle and left.”

The deputy checked for evidence but couldn’t find anything, and went to Man A’s house, but he had already gone to work, the report said.

In an apparently related report, either Man A or Man B claimed the complainant in the first report made threats over the $80, used a racial slur and picked up both a hammer and machete and tried to use them and didn’t call the sheriff’s department until he had a gun pointed at him.

Damage to property: A deputy reported on Jan. 26 there was a car “in the construction zone on Highway 144 at Port Royal Rd., stuck half on the old asphalt and half in the dirt.”

The report noted the road was “marked as Road Closed,” and that “There was approximately a 10 inch drop off from the asphalt to the dirt.”

The car was towed.

Damage to property, aggravated assault: A Rosemont Road, Richmond Hill man reported Jan. 24 “he heard a bullet enter into his residence and witnessed smoking coming from his kitchen cabinet.”

The deputy “could see where the bullet had made entry into the home through the kitchen drawer. A spent .45 caliber bullet was located in the cabinet.”

Photos were taken and the deputy looked around the area but didn’t find any bullet casings and left. The man was given a case report number.

Matter of record: A deputy escorted a man to Buckhead North on Jan. 24 to pick up property from his house, because he and his wife were getting divorced.

The deputy did so, and asked the man how long it would take and he said “about 15 minutes. After that time expired (the deputy) then approached (the man) about how much longer it would be, he stated he could take as much time as he wants and I could leave. (The man) also stated (the deputy) did not know the law, and he could pack up up the whole house and leave.”

The deputy said he told the man that wasn’t true, and was told in return to call the man’s lawyer. The deputy (also noticed while speaking with (the man) he was under the influence of alcohol. When asked about this he stated he was not driving, and we could not do anything to him.”

The report noted the man was getting a ride from his sister. It also noted he (also started to dump objects out of containers inside the garage onto the floor. (He) was then told to end his time at the residence because of his actions, and he left.”

Possession of stolen property: A deputy reported Jan. 24 he was told that while deputies were “recovering some stolen tractors” from woods in Ellabell, a deputy had noticed a tractor that matched the description of “a tractor that had been stolen from Evans County and was posted on their website.”

After some investigation, the Evans County Sheriff came over and confirmed the tractor was the one stolen from his county.

The man who owned the property the tractor was on said he bought it from someone else and showed authorities a bill of sale.

He’d also bought a “small utility trailer that had an air compressor mounted on it,” and it turned out that too had been stolen from Evans County, as was a bush hog attached to the tractor.

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