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BCSO reports: Dispute over Bible turns violent
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Information compiled from Bryan County Sheriff's Office reports.

Disorderly conduct: Around 10 p.m. Feb. 5 deputies were sent to a Kings Ferry campground on Highway 17 “in reference to a female threatening a male with a knife.”

They talked to the man first, and he said “he was in a verbal argument with his sister because she made the statement she doesn’t believe in the Bible,” the report said. “(He) advised the argument escalated to the point where his sister said she should cut him with a knife.”

Deputies then talked to the sister, “who advised yes they were in an argument then it escalated by (her brother) charging at her and putting his nose in her face. (She) advised she kept backing up but then she pushed (her brother) out of her face. (He) told her he was going to punch her in the face and (she) made the comment if you do then I will cut you.”

A deputy “advised both parties they were being arrested for disorderly conduct,” and they were.

Matter of record: A deputy was sent to a Richmond Hill address around 10:30 p.m. Feb. 5 because a woman was having a dispute with her son.

“(She) stated that she asked her son to turn off the heater in his room, she stated she was worried that it was going to start a fire. (She) then states that her son started yelling at her and arguing about it.”

The son, a juvenile, said “he was sleeping and his mother woke him up yelling about the heater. Juvenile stated then he was trying to tell her it was not on heat, only on the fan, he was hot. Juvenile then states that she called the police on him. I advised the Juvenile to go back to his room for the night and don’t say anything to his mother. (She) was demanding that she needed a report.”

Matter of record: Deputies were sent to an Ellabell address around 5 p.m. Feb. 5 because a woman said her son had hit her. The woman said her son “got mad at her because she was asking for help around the house,” and that she’s paralyzed due to a stroke.

The woman said her son grabbed her “around the neck and slapped her in the face,” but the deputy reported he didn’t see “any red marks to support,” the woman’s claim of abuse and her son was no longer there.

But, while the deputy was talking to the mom her son called on the home phone and “he stated to me that his mother got mad at him because he wouldn’t give her his last little bit of weed. He advised that it was only verbal and did not get physical.”

Theft: A deputy was sent Feb. 10 to an Ellabell church because “Someone had cut the lock and chain off the front gate and had taken them,” then broke into a storage shed.

“The small window near the door was broken and it appeared that whoever broke the window crawled through and unlocked the door from the inside. (Complainant) stated the only item in the shed at the time was a stand-up freezer. At the time of the theft there was nothing in the freezer.”

The complainant “did not have the make and model of the freezer at the time of the report but stated he would get it to me as soon as possible,” the deputy reported.

Theft: A deputy was sent to a Highway 17 address around 1 a.m. Feb. 12 “in reference to stolen tools from the complainant’s backyard.” The complainant said “four used tires and an industrial size yellow floor jack had been stolen from his property.” He also told BCSO he changed the oil in his wife’s vehicle on Feb. 8 and the tires and jack were there at that time.

The man said this wasn’t the first time he’s reported incidents on his property and gave the deputy a tag number of “a vehicle that was on the adjacent property in the past, in a suspicious manner.”

He also asked for extra patrol.

Drugs: Deputies were sent on the afternoon of Feb. 10 to Arden Loop near 204 “in reference to a male and female fighting in the road,” a report said.

There the reporting deputy “located a white male walking away from a gray Volkswagen Rabbit with the drivers door open.”

The deputy already knew the car’s owner was looking for it, and he also talked to the female, the male’s girlfriend and she said they were “fussing because she would not get into the car with (the male).”

Around this time, deputies found out the was “wanted out of Pooler,” and while waiting to confirm the warrants were active, the male, who was seated in the car, “began getting upset because he knew he was going to jail,” and then got even more upset when deputies “pointed out a black pouch laying on the ground next to where (the male’s) feet were.

When the male “saw that his pouch had been found he began to have a meltdown and started crying out and falling to the ground.”

There were suspected drugs inside the pouch.

He was taken to jail.

DUI: A deputy on patrol shortly before midnight Feb. 9 on Highway 17 spotted a car turn onto Highway 17 near Blocker’s Barber Shop and speed south “at speeds estimated to be over 70 mph,” a report said. “The deputy followed, and watched as the car crossed the center lane divider and change lanes without signaling.

The driver was pulled over near Food Lion, and the deputy “immediately smelled the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from his person.”

Then, the driver handed the deputy “a laminated card that he informed me was his French driver’s license,” and a Portuguese passport. “(He) informed me that he as traveling to Miami, but stopped at a ‘gentlemen’s club’ in Savannah while on the way.”

He failed a DUI test, etc., and was arrested.

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